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Kylie Jenner shared a photo on the 22nd of May, 2019, with a new best friend out and about in town. This new best friend s a thick and tall dark skinned girl with shiny long legs and curves resembling those of Kylie’s ex black bestie, Jordyn Woods. The photo gained a lot of momentum online as users on twitter and other social media platforms started sharing it with remarks mocking how fast the beauty mogul replaced her former best friend and be-all-end-all, Jordyn. With rumors having been circled around for a while regarding a potential mending and make up of the two long time best friends, this seems to be a clear knife in the wound for that chapter, as well as the fact that Jordyn Woods recently officially moved out of Kylie Jenner’s residence, where she’d been staying when the two were hitting it off well.

Kylie and Jordyn haven’t been out together since the Tristan-Jordyn-Khloe scandal so there was no telling what the situation was between the two. It was just a bunch of speculation. But let’s take a look at this new girl in town and what she means for Kylie. So, the new fashionista on the youngest self-made billionaire’s arm is a girl who goes by the name Heather Sanders. The two girls have been friends for quite a while. It appears that when Jordyn and Kylie had their falling out, Heather and Kylie grew closer together as Kylie coped with an irreplaceable loss (who has now been replaced, clearly!).

Let’s just scroll through and stalk the new lady in the KarJenner drama picture. Scrolling through Heather’s Instagram, we see she’s a very confident thick black woman who is obviously close with Kylie (there’s a whole post dedicated to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star) and she’s proud of who she is, how she looks, and she’s giving haters a run for their money.

Here’s we’ve got the fashionista with her arm around Kylie:
Notice the following comments…

Kris Jenner: “I love you!!!!”
Kim Kardashian West: Barbie Tingz
Khloe Kardashian: Baddies !!!! 👑👑

Delving deeper down the stalking spiral, we see that Heather has a beautiful little family of her own. It seems that she met her beau on twitter, moved to LA, and now, 8 years later, she’s got two beautiful children with him and they’re living on happily (good for them!).

Here’s some more of her and her beau:

Tapping into this Beau’s profile, he goes by King Trell on Instagram and his profile is full of lots of sweet photos of the family he’s created with Heather. They both seem to be ever so in love and together in this journey, which is nothing but pleasing to hear for Kylie as well. She’s got one less bestie to worry about being single and messing around with her family’s men.

Here’s King Trell giving a romantic shout out to his ride or die, saying, “I got lucky!”

Back to the lady at hand, look at that hot bod!

Look at that hot mama slaying!!! You go girl!

Point is, there’s a new girl in town and the chapter for Kylie and Jordyn is as good as gone. Jordyn has moved on to follow other ventures in her life and Kylie has clearly found someone else to hold the camera for her as she does her Kylie makeup swatches. This is the end of the road for two best friends but a beginning to separate tracks that lead them both in wonderful directions (let’s hope!)

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