A woman wearing a “vitaly uncensored” swimsuit ran into the pitch while the UCL Final was taking place. She was instantly caught by security guards who dragged her out of the pitch immediately, however her brief visit made instant headlines and the video clips started getting viral on the internet, leaving people wonder ‘Who is Vitaly and why would she do that?’.

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Who is Vitaly?

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a 22-year old Russian-American YouTuber who gained popularity by a series of pranks he posted on his YouTube channel, “VitalyzdTv”. He soon changed his hobby into a full time job.

In an interview with Elite Daily in 2014, Zdorovetskiy described his life as boring, with the same monotonous routine every day. This probably led him to his widely known, sometimes horrifying, pranks. Vitaly claims the he initiated the idea of targeting those areas for his shenanigans that were more prone to violent reactions from the public, rather than the mainstream ones. This made his pranks special and more appealing. He also showed his disappointment from the current day pranksters saying, “There’s so many pranksters on YouTube it’s like I don’t even wanna do this shi*t anymore”.

Initial success

The prank that really put Vitaly on the radar and led him to the idea of earning money through them was his “Miami Zombie” prank, released in June 2012. The dark and horrifying, yet hilarious prank was his first significant hit. It was inspired by the Miami cannibal attack that happened the same year. On May 26, 2012, a naked man, in his early 30’s, targeted and attacked a homeless person in Miami. He beat him unconscious and proceeded to bite his face off. This left him blind in both eyes along with a half eaten face. The assailant was later called the “Miami Zombie”.

Zdorovetskiy, in his prank video, dressed up as a zombie and went around scaring innocent bystanders in some of the poorest regions of Miami. The video broke the internet and gained around 30 million views, making it one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

He also released a movie, “Natural born pranksters” in 2016, starring Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady and himself. Although, the movie didn’t get a high rating, a majority of people enjoyed his elaborate pranks.

What is Vitaly uncensored?

After the popularity from these pranks, Vitaly decided to give a new direction to them and taking them a step further. He started “Vitaly uncensored” which allows random men and women, above the age of 18, to sign up for explicit pranks and get paid in return. This also was a massive hit. The basic idea was to make women/men run around the city or do random stuff, wearing revealing or no clothes at all. The participants may be asked to take off their clothes in public.

The incident

Vitaly has previously carried out pranks during different matches which has led to him being banned from all stadiums for pitch invading, but this didn’t stop him today. In the UEFA Champions League Final between Tottenham and Liverpool , taking place in Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, a woman wearing a revealing, black swimming costume with “Vitaly uncensored” printed on the front, ran into the pitch. She was a good halfway through the ground when the security caught up to her and took her back.

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The unknown woman, somehow jumped into the football field from the audience and sprinted to the opposite side, through it. A 6 seconds long video was posted by @Tvvittergod1 on twitter, saying “Some naked woman runs into the pitch. Clown #UCLfinal”. It got over 179k views in under 60 minutes.

The referee can be seen stopping the match as the security struggled to catch up to her.

After a few minutes of the incident, another man ran across the field shirtless- he was also hired by Vitaly. A video was posted by @JalalT1, saying, “The one and only #Vitaly”, which has gained 10.5k views so far.


Although despised by some, these pranks are a great source amusement for majority of the population. Vitaly certainly showed the world that nothing can stop him from invading the pitch!



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