Building muscle is not hard. It’s sticking to a routine and progressively pushing yourself that people struggle with. Although it’s possible to build muscle through any means, bodyweight or equipment, these means are not equal when it comes to producing results.

It’s better to use equipment when working out because you can easily overload your muscles by adding more weight. However, even weightlifting equipment/machines are not made equal as some are more effective than the others for building muscle. With that said, here are the different types of equipment that are more effective than others:

Hanging Leg Raise/ Dip Station

This machine or station is highly popular in gyms because it’s very good. It’s a multi-purpose station that doesn’t take up much space. Moreover, it can be used for multiple exercises which makes it all the more better. With the hanging leg raise stand, you can work your core pretty well.

The stand’s purpose is to do exercises such as hanging knee raises, hanging leg raises, raised leg holds and much more. Although there are plenty of core exercises which don’t require any equipment, the knee and leg raises are some of the most popular exercises recommended by trainers all over the world. They not only work your core but your legs, hip flexors, and glutes as you bring those legs up for a hanging leg raise.

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Moving away from the lower body, you can work your upper body too with this stand. You can perform chest dips with this station hence why it’s also referred to as the “Dip station”. Chest dips are highly effective in building a lower and upper chest (depends on the way you perform the exercises). The exercise really enables you to get that deep stretch which helps in muscle growth. Moreover, that exercise also works your tricep and shoulders, basically increasing your entire upper body strength.

Therefore, the leg raise stand is a really good option for those wanting to lose weight or develop a really good core. You can do several bodyweight workouts with this stand alone. You can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Elliptical Trainer

If your goal is to lose weight or burn some fat while building muscle, then the elliptical trainer is a pretty solid choice. The machine is made in such a way that it demands a bit of effort from its user even at minimal settings. If you’re a beginner, then even the lowest settings will challenge you which is what you need to do in order to create a change in your body.

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The best thing about the elliptical trainer is that you can use it for HIIT or intense cardio training without damaging your knees. Often when people use the treadmill or run, they develop knee pain which occurs due to excessive running. However, the elliptical was made for such people with knees problem so it has a minimal impact on your knees ensuring their safety.

Another great thing is that the machine is highly taxing on your legs. Therefore, you won’t just be losing fat but you’ll be building muscle, especially around the calves area of your legs. The elliptical lights up your legs like no other cardio machine and you can actually use it as a finisher to your leg workout. You can purchase it from here.

Horizontal Seated Leg Press

The Leg Press machine has been widely regarded as either one of the best or one the most useless machines in the gym. However, that is the traditional leg press machine which you may have seen at an inclined angle. That variant of the leg press is not safe and even results in severe injuries if not performed correctly. A safer (and more effective) option is the Horizontal version.

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The horizontal seated leg press ensures that people are at a more natural position with their legs and it’s much harder to do than the typical leg press. Therefore, it requires more participation from your leg muscles, mainly the quads and hamstrings. It’s a great machine which burns a lot of calories and works two important leg muscles at the same time. Many people have hamstring issues, and this is the machine that can help strengthen it up.

Moreover, the one we’re showing, in particular, is a multi-purpose machine with a calf extension too. Calves are also really important muscles in the legs, and the calf extension is perhaps the most effective exercises for the calves out there. Overall, this machine is highly effective for all the major leg muscles and you can buy it from here.

Cable Crossover Station

The cable crossover station is by far the best equipment setup you will come across ever. Taking up a moderate amount of space, it is able to provide you with a full upper and even a lower body workout that can build muscle. The crossover station comes with multiple weight stacks so you can progressively overload to keep growing but that’s not why it’s so good.

There’s a reason why for some muscle groups, you may not feel sore the next day. For example, many people don’t feel as sore after their back and shoulder days. Although for the back it has to do with most people not using enough load because they underestimate the strength of their back, there are other reasons too. In order to really make those muscles work, you need to create a good stretch, that too with an optimal load to really make those muscles work.

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For certain muscle groups such as the shoulder, exercises with dumbbells or barbells provide a limited range of motion. That doesn’t mean that dumbbells or barbells are necessarily bad, but they aren’t able to provide you that full stretch you need. With the cable crossover, you can avoid this problem. For example, take the lateral side raises for the shoulder. Doing it with a cable, instead of performing the exercise as you would with a dumbbell, let the cable come in front of you when coming back down.

This makes your shoulder stretch and provides a more fuller range of motion which is essential for stimulating muscle growth. Similarly, with a lat pulldown, we can really pull the bar down and squeeze those lat muscles in the back. Even on the way back we can let the bar lead us forward as we let it take us all the way up with it to get a full stretch of the lats. We can do this with all sorts of exercises which makes the cable crossover really useful.

Aside from the fact that the cable crossover is a highly effective machine, it’s highly versatile too. You can work just about any muscle with cables. The machine also comes with a few bars to get you started such as a rowing bar, a lat pulldown bar and two single strap handles, which are enough to get your chest, back, shoulder and tricep workouts underway.

In the end, what you are left with is a complete upper and lower body workout station. You can buy it from here.




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