Miley Cyrus was groped and forcefully kissed by a fan while leaving her hotel in Barcelona, Spain. A video of the act was posted on twitter which became viral and caused an uproar against the shameful act.

The 26 year old singer was in Spain with her husband, Liam Hemsworth. The two stars got hitched in a closed ceremony on 23 December 2018, after 10 years or breakups and patch-ups. The wedding was announced to the world by Miley in a series of Instagram posts and a picture of Liam embracing her, captioned “10 years later”, on twitter. The picture showed Miley in her wedding dress and Liam in a black suit, dancing after the ceremony.


The couple seems to be having a great time, always goofing around and trying to annoy each other. In an interview, Miley revealed that she doesn’t particularly liked her song, “Party in the USA”. This resulted in Liam recording himself screaming the song chorus at Miley while walking towards a plane. If they both aren’t goals!


Since their wedding, the two have accompanied each other on most of their work trips. Miley was on an official tour to perform songs from her latest extended play (EP), “She is coming” at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. Liam, well he was there to support his wife.

“She is coming” was released on 31 May 2019 by RCA Records and is Miley’s second EP. It is the first of the three 6 song EP’s, followed by “She is Here” and “She is everything”. The three together constitute her 7th studio album, “This is Miley Cyrus”. “She is coming” is known to be a pop record with some influences of rock and trap. Apart from Cyrus herself, the EP also includes guest vocals from Ghostface Killah, RuPaul and Swae Lee.

Miley and Liam were surrounded by a large crowd of fans, hooting and cheering for them, while leaving their hotel today. However, one man got a little too close to the singer. Miley was following her husband to the car, parked right outside the hotel. She was a few steps behind Liam, when an unknown fan, crossed the line of private space a little too much and proceeded to pull her towards himself.

The fan somehow missed the bodyguard, wrapped his arms around the singer’s neck and leaned in for a kiss. Miley, taken by surprise, tried to push him away but he pulled her even harder, all the while pulling her hair, and kissed her on the cheek. The inappropriate act led to the rest of the fans pulling him away and creating a commotion in the crowd. Liam turned around and wrapped his arms around his wife and the guard stood between them and the public as they rushed to the car.



The inappropriate encounter with the  fan led to a large number of people speaking up in support of Miley. It has made it evident that everyone is prone to harassment regardless of their social standing. The incident acquired a lot of support from the public, however, there are many cases that remain unreported due to social pressures. Harassment is a common issue in most areas and in order to prevent any such incidents from happening in the future, it needs to be addressed effectively.

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