Singer/Songwriter Robert Kelly was charged with 10 counts of assault against 4 women, however, recently he has been charged with 11 more. Despite the evidence, the 3 times Grammy winner pleads not guilty. According to his lawyer, these are all made-up stories with no truth to them.

R Kelly is an American singer, songwriter and a record producer. The 52 year old singer became famous after his first solo album “12 Play”, released in 1993. It was a massive hit and spent 12 weeks at one on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart. After that, his journey was uphill. His popularity grew day by day as he released record breaking songs. Some of his famous songs include, “I believe I can fly” and “Ignition (Remix)”. However, it all went downhill when rumors about his inappropriate sexually frustrated nature started coming up.

Kelly was charged with 10 accounts of sexual abuse against 4 women, out of which 3 were minors between the ages of 13-17. The incidents spanned over 10 years, starting from 1993, however, they were reported only recently.

One of the cases involved a 24-year-old woman who had an appointment to braid Kelly’s hair in 2003. According to reports, he physically forced her to have oral sex with him during the appointment. The semen sample on her shirt matched his DNA.

A disturbing six-part Lifetime documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly”, was aired from 3-5 January and told the tales of the victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the singer. Musicians Chance the Rapper, John Legend and Stephanie Edwards also appeared in the documentary. It became Lifetime’s highest rated program with more than 1.9 million viewers. Shortly after it aired, Kelly’s record label dissolved its contract with him.

The documentary focuses on R Kelly’s history of sexual assault. It features the families of the victims and gives a voice to their opinions about the singer’s predatory nature. According to several parents, he brainwashed the victims- the girls were comfortable with his toxic presence and wanted to be around him. The star, a seeming pedophile, mostly approached minors and invited them to his mansion. He would be “training” them when in reality, it was much different.

The 52-year-old would keep his trainees apart from each other and their families. They were locked up and not allowed to call or talk to anyone. They were to ask permission for anything they did, even going to the lavatory and were made to have sex, with him and with each other, whenever he felt like it. If the girls refused, he would beat, starve and ignore them for days.

If looked closely, Kelly has always shown signs of his pedophilic nature. The singer married his wife Aaliyah in 1994, when she was 15 and he was 27. They both were introduced by Kelly’s manager and Kelly then took her under his mentorship. He produced her first album, “Age ain’t nothing but a number” – which now seems to be hinting towards his relationship with her. Aaliyah was still a minor and not capable of making legal decisions, however, it’s known that he forged her papers, making her appear older, and married her.

Aaliyah and Kelly/The Source

Kelly claims that he didn’t know about her age at that time. However, a video surfaced which shows him acknowledging that she was 14. The two separated a year later. Furthermore, the singer was accused of child pornography and recording himself having sex with a young girl in 2008. He was also seen having sex in a tour bus.


Apart from these, Kelly recently faced 11 more accusations of assault. The Cook County prosecutors charged the award-winning singer with 4 counts of aggravated sexual assault, 2 counts of criminal sexual assault by force, 5 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The criminal sexual abuse carries a maximum of 30 years in prison. The singer, however, pleads not guilty for all the 21 charges.

His bail was set to $1 million. However, he has been free since 25th February after a woman posted 10% of his bail money.



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