The Keeping up with the Kardashian star, Khloe, split up with her ex-boyfriend in February after he was caught cheating with Jordyn Woods. The two parted ways and Khloe moved back to her house in Calabasas from Cleveland. She is known to have spent £200,000 to get rid of everything Triston might’ve come across.

The 34 year old model got together with Canadian basketball player, Triston in 2016. They announced their relationship to the public in September of the same year. In 2017, Khloe got pregnant with her first child with him and later gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, True Thompson.

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Khloe’s relationship with Triston was nothing less that a roller coaster ride. The two seemed happy and inseparable initially, however, as time passed, problems began to arise between the two. Given the model’s history with ex-husband, Lamar Odor, her fans were very happy for the couple who seemed to be deeply in love and hoped that this would be good for her.

Khloe fell in love with Odor in 2009 and got hitched in September. According to reports, the two hit it off on their first meeting and thought that they were right for each other. However, in 2012, things started to seem a little rocky in their relationship. There were rumors that the problems arose due to infertility issues, but no official reason was announced. Odor, apparently, got into drugs and cheated on his wife as well. Finally, in December 2013, Khloe filed for divorce and the couple parted ways.

Khloe and Lamar on their wedding day/Pintrest

Triston and Khloe were satisfied with their relationship in the beginning but soon after, rumors about Thompson cheating on Khloe began to rise. It was known that he cheated on her during her pregnancy as well. This weakened the roots of their relationship, but they tried to make it work for the sake of baby True. However, when Triston was found cheating with Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, it was the final straw. Khloe decided to end her relationship with him, and Kylie ended things with her long-time best friend, Jordyn.

Following the split, the 34 year old model recently announced that she is moving back to her $5.6 million Calabasas home after getting it renovated. The star used to live in Cleveland with Triston as he used to play there.

According to family and friends, the renovation is to get rid of everything that Triston might’ve used or touched so Khloe can completely remove his memory from her life. A source said, “Khloe wanted to wipe the slate clean of Tristan to completely eradicate all traces of her previous life – and has spent around £200,000 on making-over her home to reflect that”. The source further added, “But in order to do a deep cleanse, she moved out and got the professionals in – so the kitchen was totally cleared of any thing that may have reference to Tristan – from cooking sauces, protein powders, cups they used to drink from – anything at all that reminded her of him.”

Khloe is known to get OCD about organizing things and that’s how she establishes control. She removed every picture and things that reminded her of her ex-boyfriend, even a coffee machine that was bought because he suggested it.

The couple has tried to stay on good terms for their daughter but that doesn’t mean Khloe wouldn’t go to lengths to get rid of his memory!




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