The famous American singer and songwriter, Joseph Adam Jonas, married her former girlfriend, Sophie Turner on 1st May 2019. The couple is known to have started dating in 2016, however, kept their relationship out of the spotlight. Less than a year later, in 2017, Joe popped the question to which the Game of Thrones star promptly said yes. They announced their engagement in an Instagram post in October 2017. Joe posted a picture of Sophie’s hand on his, wearing a giant diamond ring. Sophie posted the same picture with the caption, “I said yes”.

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Nick Jonas also posted the picture on twitter, congratulating his brother. He said, “Ahh! Congratulations to my brother…. and sister in law to be on your engagement. I love you both so much”.

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Sophie also accompanied Joe on Nick’s wedding with Priyanka Chopra, to India. She was seen rocking a greenish “ghagra” at one of the many events. They both looked super cute in the Indian dresses!

Picture by Hindustan Times

The two stars tied the knot in a small ceremony after the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas. They headed straight to the Little White Wedding Chapel after the show and got married. The wedding was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator, who could be seen wearing an orange attire. Joe was wearing a classy grey suit whereas Turner could be seen wearing an elegant white dress, making her look absolutely stunning. The wedding might’ve come as a surprise for the world, but according to the officiator, Jesse, the couple had booked the wedding chapel a week before and were planning for this elopement in advance.

Even though, the couple officially got married in Las Vegas in May, they’re planning on holding another ceremony for close friends and family, in Europe. According to Joe Jonas, they had to get married in the United States for legal reasons, however, a proper ceremony would be held somewhere in France. Hence, the extravagant bachelor party.

The three Jonas Brothers revealed what went down during Joe’s bachelor party in their appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The party was held in Ibiza and was apparently really wild! In a segment called, “Know your bro”, Kevin and Nick were asked to reveal the crazy things that happened at the party, all the while Joe was wearing noise cancelling headphones so he couldn’t hear his brothers blabber about him.

According to the two brothers, “Joe ripped off his shirt in a nightclub and proceeded to rip off two of his friend’s shirts as well”. Nick further added that, “He took the cardboard box for 1942 the tequila and somehow cut in into a bandana, it just said “1942” across his forehead and he wore that on a boat all day long”. The party went so crazy that cops were called on them three times in the same night!

The guys sure went wild but the girls didn’t come slow either. Sophie Turner celebrated her bachelorette party in Spain with her best friend, Masie Williams and other girlfriends, this week. In a picture posted by one of her friends, they could be seen posing on a stairwell, wearing colorful wigs and looking rad. The group flew out of London Luton Airport in a private plane, where they enjoyed McDonald’s and Champagne, as per her girlfriends. Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas were not a part of the group.

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