Small bedrooms can be a little claustrophobic at times, however, strategic styling might help change your cramped room into a dreamy retreat. While modern ideas might tell you to have a king-sized bed, a sitting area and what not, a small room can be equally comfortable if designed the right way.

Here are some ideas to make your bedroom feel snugger.

Keep the colors light

Light colors, particularly white give a feeling of open space. They make the room look larger, especially when there’s natural light coming in. The more reflective the walls, larger the room might seem. However, if an all-white room is mundane for you, you can add hints of grey, black or any other color here and there to combat the dullness.

If the room does not have access to natural light, white might not be the right choice. A dark colored wall and/or ceiling will be better in giving a feeling of grandeur.

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Keep the bedroom solely for sleeping purposes

Having a TV or any other distracting device in your bedroom will not only take up space but also affect your sleeping patterns, and ultimately your health. According to the American Sleep Association, stimulating activities should be kept out of bed. The less there is to do is your room, the more rest you’ll get. It is also a well known fact that using electronic devices before bed cause problems while sleeping as the mind takes time to adjust to the darker environment. Hence, keeping your electronics out of the room will prove beneficial in many ways.

Buy compact and multipurpose furniture

Since the availability of space is less, pare your bedroom down to the essentials only. Skip the bulky bed frame or large cupboards, instead buy a simple bed that occupies less space. Only a mattress can also work if you’re comfortable.

Add the storage space below the bed and use it to store your clothes or shoes. However, if you’re going for a mattress, a small inbuilt cupboard will be a good choice. The cupboard with a narrow base and a larger height is preferable as it’ll take less space on the ground but at the same time provide multiple compartments for storage above.

Push the main furniture, i.e. your bed, to the corner to spare the space on the sides. This can later be used to accommodate other furniture.

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Add mirrors to your room

Mirrors give an illusion of a larger room. Positioning it in a way that it reflects sunlight will give the room an open look. You can easily achieve the effect in your room by placing a full-body length mirror next to a wall or making a mirror wall, preferably behind your bed.


Build floating furniture

If your room has a high ceiling, a floating bed can be a perfect way to increase space. You can make a loft or a platform a few feet above the ground and use it as your sleeping area. The area below can be utilized by other furniture.

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Floating shelves can also minimize the usage of extra space by substituting for a night stand, dressing table, study table or a book case.

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