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Game of Thrones is an American fantasy series that premiered on HBO on April 7 2011. The season became famous almost instantly and gained a fan base all over the world. There was a total of 8 seasons with each one being better than the previous one, except maybe season 8. The plot build up, cliff hangers and character development up till season 7 didn’t last when the fans were disappointed in the much awaited season 8.

Game of Thrones has been one of the biggest TV shows with a 9.4/10 imdb rating, just after Breaking Bad at 9.5/10. It’s, however, saddening to see such a great show end in a sloppy way. Not only the plot, but there were many problems with the shooting as well.

Since the beginning, fans have been waiting for the long night and a battle with the white walkers. Hints about the unbearable winter and the ultimate battle with the dead have been dropped throughout the seasons, preparing the fans for a grand and disastrous end. The battle finally took place in season 8, episode 3, “The battle of Winterfell”. The much-awaited event was here and the fans were excited, however, it was a huge disappointment. Jon Snow didn’t seem to do anything except “scream” at the ice dragon and there were no major deaths either, except Lyanna Mormont who died while killing an ice giant with her dagger. Moreover, the battle only lasted an episode and within the span of 90 minutes, the Night King was killed. Convenient.

Furthermore, Cersie Lannister has been one of the greatest villains of all time. People expected her death to be a little gruesome, like King Joffrey who paid for what he did. However, out of everything, Cersei was killed by a pile of rocks and that too in the arms of her lover, Jamie Lannister. According to many people, she deserved a much terrible fate.

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Queen Daenerys had also been portrayed as a kindhearted ruler who freed slaves and was easy to forgive. However, season 8 brought a twist. After losing Ser Jorah Mormont and Missandei among many other men, Khaleesi was adamant on destroying the King’s Landing and getting back the Iron Throne. Despite the surrender of the people, she went to set the city aflame riding on her last dragon, Drogon. Many people argued that it was obvious that she’ll lose her mind just like her father, The Mad King, but this still couldn’t make up for the disappointing change in her character.

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It doesn’t end here, there were many other blunders during the shooting as well. A Starbucks cup appeared next to the mother of dragons in episode 4, “The Last of the Starks”, Jamie Lannister’s hand “surprisingly” grew back while he was hugging Cersei in their last scene and lastly, a plastic water bottle was seen next to Samwell Tarley’s leg in the final episode.

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The fans were so disappointed that an online petition for the remake of the season was launched. So far, it has had 1,637,343 signatures. Not only the fans, but the cast was also a little dissatisfied with the ending. A dubbed video recently surfaced the internet which shows Jon Snow expressing his disappointment and apologizing for “wasting” the viewers time. The video was made by Chris Ume and took weeks to be completed according to the HuffPost.

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