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It’s been an eventful year for Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas, better known as the Jonas Brothers who had our hearts before we ever even learned what heartbreak felt like. One of the brothers has got two little bundles of joy of his own (Kevin), the other two got married recently to two beautiful women, one in a lavish cross continental wedding (Nick) and the other in the most fun getaway marriage (Joe). Since then, the three came together to start making music again because well their voices together sound a hell of a lot better than their angelic tones idle. Some of the most iconic music videos and pop soundtracks of the recent billboard are owed to the Jonas Brothers who are now releasing another intriguing piece in which they’ll be making their Latin music collaboration debut whilst kicking up some incredible moves.

The three brothers have essentially teamed up with some of the biggest and most easily identified popular Latin artists:  Sebastián Yatra, Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha. This partnership was for their newest musical piece: “Runaway” which was released to the masses overnight. Now, imagine this: You’ve got some guaranteed kick ass music coming from the Jonas Brothers here. You’ve got some life of the party level pumped up Latin artists in there too. And there’s a music video featuring all six of them. How cool is that?! The answer to that is VERY. It’s VERY cool.

Fans who have been reacting and responding to the overnight release say no different. There are comments of congratulations all over the stars’ social media accounts. The video which premiered on YouTube 16 hours ago has tons of congratulatory comments, 726 thousnad likes as of yet (and counting) and 5.25 million views. This song is sure to be the next party & club hit sound track. It’s got the perfect beat for it. One commenter said: “Wow what a great combination of different artist and makes everything better and sounds amazing,” while another said: “Came back to like this video… But it turned out i already liked it.” That’s the spirit! That’s what we’re talking about!

When the track debuted, Nick Jonas posted on Instagram saying:

RUNAWAY! So pumped this song is finally out! Our first Latin music collaboration! Thank you @sebastianyatra @daddyyankee @nattinatasha for having us!”

The Jonas Brothers’ album Happiness Begins has debuted and its sitting at the mighty high throne of No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot 200s Chart. When Joe Jonas heart of this, he responded on his Instagram saying:

Speechless. Thank you guys so much!!”

Nick also hit up his Instagram to respond to the news of having hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 200s. He responded to the news in a post captioned:

#1?!?! 414,000 units first week! I don’t even know what to say. This is so incredible. Thank you thank you thank you! We set out to make a record that embodied the happiness we feel after having been through so much together. The fact that this music has connected with people in this way means the world us. Thank you for believing in us. We love you.”

With two of the brothers having touched based with their Instagram fandoms, it was mandated that Kevin also do the same. He reacted on his own Instagram, saying of the news that:

I can’t believe this! Thank you so much everyone truly insane! It’s just the beginning!!!”

More power to these boys and keep the good music coming!

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