Gary Richard is a holistic veterinarian. He is also the author of an amazing Ultimate Pet Health Guide and chosen by America’s Veterinarian Medical Foundation as America’s Favorite Veterinarian.

He introduced a canine supplement for dogs to cure many problems like obesity, allergies, itching, digestive problems, etc. Now he has also introduced a Feline Nutritional Supplement for cats to give your cat a happy and healthy life. Nutra Thrive Feline Nutritional Supplement helps to live your cat longer as well as to live better.

This supplement helps to cure many problems in your cats. Some of them are:

  • Bladder issues
  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Dental Problems
  • Bad Odors
  • Itching and Biting
  • Laziness
  • Vomiting
  • Joint discomfort

Are the Premium Cat Foods can Meet your Cat Nutritional Needs?

All of these above-mentioned problems can be the results of canned cat foods available in the market. These foods are prepared in the factories by providing high pressure and temperature to the healthy ingredients, which make them useless and even harmful for your pets.

Moreover, even the packaging of these processed cat foods consists of a picture of a healthy piece of meat, fish or vegetables. But what is inside the packaging is totally opposite.

These cat foods only meet the minimum requirements of your cat nutrition. There are only a few vitamins present in them. These cat foods have no omega 3s in them.

Omega 3s plays an important role in improving cat health as well as improving human health. Moreover, these cat foods are also deficient of or have zero requirements of antioxidants, polysaccharides, probiotics for improving gut health and digestive enzymes.

In addition to this, these processed or packaged cat foods have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years. This means that some other chemicals are added in this food to improve the shelf life of these products. Advanced Glycation end products are one of the worst chemicals used in these products. Many studies showed that these glycation end products can even lead to cancer.

Another worst side of these pet foods is the Maillard Reaction Products (MRPS). These are formed by providing high temperature to the cooking process. This is the actual chemical that causes the brown coloration of cat food. The amount of these toxic MRPs is 122 times higher in average cat diet as compare to humans on a daily basis. This is the main cause of many health problems in cats.

How Richard came to know about this Nutra Thrive Supplement for cats?

In 1996, when Gary Richard was a young veterinary student, he had the passion to learn about the main cause of sickness in animals. Then he came to know about Sly who had horrible digestive problems. Sly was a beautiful horse. Due to digestive problems, he was literally on the verge of dying because he has no energy. Every member tried to treat him but failed.

A doctor called a traditional Chinese medicine veterinarian. This Chinese doctor determined the root cause of the disease in Sly. He prepared a customized mixture of herbal ingredients for Sly that saved his life. This medicine was inserted by the nose of the Sly to make this medicine reach his stomach. This medicine was given to him for three days and Sly got recovered immediately. By this, he came to know with the idea of making this Nutra Thrive Feline Nutritional Supplement.

So, what is Nutra Thrive Feline Nutritional Supplement?

The first important thing to improve your cat health is Nutrition. The second one is also Nutrition and the third one is also Nutrition.

If cats are feeling itchy, if they are overweight, if they have bladder problems, or if their mouth or poop smells bad, if they vomit more often or if they feel lazy and don’t want to play as much, then these are the warning signs that your cat is experiencing bad health. These problems can get worse as your cat gets aged.

The processed foods can cause inflammation which can result in a lot of serious health problems in your cats.  Cats feeding on this low nutritional quality food are at the risk of getting these health problems. So the raw meat is the best nutritional approach for your cats but it is very expensive.

So, Nutra Thrive is an “Up-leveling” Supplement. This is a chicken flavored powder. You just have to sprinkle it on your cat food and this amazing powder works to level up your cat food.

Ingredients Included in this Cat Supplement:

Nutra Thrive Feline Nutritional Supplement consists of 40 amazing herbal ingredients which help your pets to provide them with:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Nutrients
  • Omega-3s
  • Polysaccharides
  • Immune Boosters

All these ingredients are enough to enhance energy levels in your cats. This supplement consists of every single health booster. This formula is made by combining the eastern and western knowledge that no one has ever done before. This amazing formula is packed with the energy provided by 40 herbal ingredients.

Some of the active ingredients are:

  • Probiotics: This also consists of 4 types of probiotics that are helpful for improving your digestive health. This results in getting rid of low quality and smelly poop as well as gas.
  • Amino acids: This amazing formula also contains 3 different amino-acids from different proteins to improve your cat’s health so that it may live longer.
  • Digestive Enzymes: Some digestive enzymes also included in this formula that helps to break down food eaten by your cat so that it becomes easily digestible. These enzymes also help to get rid of constipation, diarrhea and stool odor. Moreover, they may help with bad breath and dental problems.
  • Odor Fighting Enzymes: Nutra thrives formula is also packed with 4 odor fighting enzymes that help to get rid of bad breath.
  • Crominex: Crominex is a 3-part compound that works amazingly to support healthy joint functioning and mobility in cats and give them relief from joint discomfort. Moreover, studies show that this component can provide support for healthy triglycerides and cholesterol levels. It can also improve brain health in pets.
  • Eastern and Herbal Superfoods: These include three types of mushrooms. Longevity Mushroom also known as Reishi, most commonly found in Japan. This plays an important role in supporting your immune system. Mushrooms also work to improve joint discomfort, shortness of breath and allergies.

Pricing and Refund Policy:

As this Nutra Thrive supplement is not available in any retail store, you can only buy this product from its official website. However, this formula is affordable and you don’t have to spend a lot of dollars on it. The original price of this supplement is $69.95 which is cheaper from all the 40 ingredients if you buy them separately.

But if you order this product directly from its official site ( without involving any middle man so you don’t even have to spend $69.95. You can get this supplement in $49.95 that is $20 off from its retail price.

If you order the discounted packages of 3 or 6 jars, you can save up to $165. So with this supplement, you only have to spend $1.41 daily on your cat feed. So this is incredibly affordable.

Nutra Thrive Nutritional Supplement comes with 100% money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. So, if you are not satisfied with the outcomes of this supplement you can send this product back to the supplier and get your refund without any problem.

Final Thought:

To conclude, Nutra Thrive is an incredible supplement to provide all the nutritional values to your cats to keep them away from veterinarians. So don’t spend money on those harmful cat foods and avail this affordable opportunity to provide your cat a happy and healthy living and to make them live longer.




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