Now that the famously followed TV show Game of Thrones has come to an end and a lot of us have come to terms with dealing with the withdrawal of what eventually became an integral part of our lives, some of us are sitting around wondering whether we will see any of these stars on our screens again. If so, where and when can we catch them?

One of our favorite Game of Thrones stars: Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) is coming back to the TV screen and here’s what we know of their returns.

Maisie Williams, someone we practically watched grow and evolve on the screen set of Game of Thrones is making her television come back under the character name Kim as part of a comedy television show on UK channel Sky. The show is called Two Weeks to Live and it’s apparently a funny tale of love and revenge that stems out of a prank gone wrong. The show is a six part series and Maisie Williams will be playing the character of Kim Noakes, a girl whose father passed away when she was little and mother took her away to live a secluded and mysterious. The show follows Kim as she returns to the common world to celebrate her father and runs into her brother Dave.

This is the first time Maisie Williams is coming back to TV after her part in Game of Thrones and here’s what she has to say about it:

Looking forward to getting into something new, I think Two Weeks to Live has really great potential and I want to make something incredible with this wonderful team!”

We could tell you more about the show and how intriguing it is, but we’re sure you don’t want any spoilers as you’re already excited to catch Arya Stark in action on TV, now under the name Kim Noakes.

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