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One of Ariana’s significant features is her ponytail that runs down to her waist. The artist rarely lets her hair down, so when she finally let it go, fans freaked out!

The 26 year old singer started making a pony around 2010 and it eventually became her trademark look. According to Ariana, she started making a ponytail because she felt her hair was damaged and didn’t look good. In a Facebook post back in 2014, she revealed, “I wear my hair in a ponytail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down”. Since then, the singer has come a long way in transforming her hair. She has successfully nursed it back to health, giving it a higher volume and improving the overall look. According to Allure, the singer used two main ingredients to speed up the process. These included coconut oil as a pre-wash hair treatment and lavender essential oil.


Ariana seems to love her hairstyle despite the pain and discomfort it causes. In response to Camila Cabello’s tweet, “I just did a high pony for the first time and it is literally pulling on my brain its so painful”, she said, “well you actually have hair so that prolly makes it a lil more painful… nah jk I’m in constant pain always and don’t care at all”.

In August 2018, the singer also tweeted, “my god going back to a high pony after a few days of not wearing a high pony is…… a remarkable feeling”. According to her, “some things are just meant to be and this is just one of those things”. It’s evident that even constant distress will not stop Ariana from loving high ponytails, so when she finally let her hair down, the world went crazy.


The artist arrived in Chicago for her Sweetner/Thank U, Next tour this week. She shocked the fans by arriving without her signature hairstyle. According to Refinery 29, she was seen showing her open hair in her Instagram stories hours before the Chicago concert as well. Furthermore, the singer also showed up at the pre-concert meet and greet event supporting the same hairstyle. The last time she performed with loose hair was in 2018.

The news spread like wildfire leading to twitter being flooded with tweets directed towards her changed hairstyle. Arikooks tweeted, “Ariana is performing with her hair down this is not a drill”. Another fan posted, “petition for Ariana to wear her hair down for the rest of tour”.


Grande posted a backstage picture of the tour with straightened hair running down to her waist. The picture shows Ariana eating fruits straight out of the box, with the caption, “blueberries”. Even though the post was not visibly about her hair, a large proportion of the comments was directed towards it. The comment section flooded with compliments from her worldwide fan base, pleading to keep her hair down through out the tour.


After performing in Nashville, Ariana posted another picture on Instagram. She complimented Miley Cyrus for her performance in Black Mirror, saying, “everyone go watch Miley’s black mirror episode immediately, she is brilliant and I love her”, she further added, “also my hair is down again”.


The singer stopped at Atlanta on Saturday night, but her ponytail was still nowhere to be found.

Looks like the star is more inclined towards letting her hair fall but will this be the end of her signature ponytail? Guess we’ll know soon!

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