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PepsiCo recently publicized that it’ll be selling water in Aluminum cans to preserve the environment and reduce the use of plastics.

On Thursday, the company announced that they’ll be making a switch from plastic bottles to Aluminum cans for their purified water. They plan on selling the upgraded water, alongside the plastic bottles, at U.S. foodservice outlets starting next year. Furthermore, the company also stated that its LIFEWTR brand will be packaged in 100% recycled plastic and its bubbly sparkling water will no longer be available in plastic bottles.

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The main idea behind the switch is to minimize the use of plastics and promote the use of eco-friendly products. According to the multinational company, the shift is likely to remove more than 8,000 metric tons of plastic and approximately 11,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

As per PepsiCo’s CEO, Ramon Laguarta, “Tackling plastic waste is one of my top priorities and I take this challenge personally”. He further added, “We are doing our part to address the issue head on by reducing, recycling and reinventing our packaging to make it more sustainable, and we won’t stop until we live in a world where plastics are renewed and reused”.

According to data from Euromonitor International, in 2016, 480 billion plastic bottles were sold, out of which only 7% were recycled into new bottles. The use of plastic has been on the rise for more than a decade and needs to be addressed immediately. The company plans to make all its packaging recyclable, compostable or biodegradable and use 25% of recycled plastic in its packaging by 2025. In a news release, Laguarta said, “As one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, we recognize the significant role PepsiCo can play in helping to change the way society makes, uses, and disposes off plastics”. Not only PepsiCo, but Coca Cola is also known to be working to recycle 75% of its bottles.

Even though, the canned water trend is relatively new, PepsiCo isn’t the first company to propose the idea. Another company called Vita Coco has already launched its canned water, Ever & Ever, as a plastic bottle substitute. The aluminum bottles used by the company are known to be infinitely recyclable if disposed off properly. The Eco-friendly water can be purchased from Amazon.com or drinkeverandever.com.

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