Selena Gomez was seen wearing a bright red swimsuit during her vacation in Mexico. She pulled off the $40 costume, making it look like it was worth thousands!


The 26 year old American singer was enjoying a tropical getaway with her close family over the weekend. She was at her cousin’s bachelorette party and spent four days at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico. 

The group was seen having fun a the beach. A source told E news, “The group spent a lot of time at the beach and pool and went on a few excursions outside the property too. One day they rented ATVs and rode through the jungle and to the top of the mountain. They had the best time and all rode in a single file line to the top where they posed for photos”.

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my fam is getting married 😭

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During this time, a picture of the American singer/actress in a bright red swimming costume surfaced the internet.  The 26 year old producer looked absolutely stunning in the low back, deep necked one piece. The amazing thing? It was only for $40! A dress can surely look expensive if you pull it off right!

The singer got her swimming costume from a brand called “Krahs” – shark spelled backwards. Krahs was actually founded by one of Selena’s friends, Theresa Marie Mingus.  It’s a swimwear line working towards promoting a healthy body image and encouraging women to love their physique the way it is.

Gomez also collaborated with Mingus’s brand a few months ago, releasing a bikini that perfectly covered up her scars from her kidney transplant. The “Selena” features a high waisted underwear with a belt and an underwire bralette style top. The two are available in red, black and white and are up on the website for $49.99 each.

Photo by theFashionSpot

The costume is similar to the one she designed for Krahs first launch in May. The “Selena one piece” is a red deep neck costume with a zipper in the front, and is available on for $69.99.

Photo by PopSugar

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