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Lily Allen was recently on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio where she revealed that her 7-year stalker had been released from prison under a supervised leave.

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The 34-year-old Smile singer was stalked for 7 years by a paranoid schizophrenic, Alan Gray. After 7 long years of observation and pestering, he was ready for his final crime. In October 2015, Gray broke into Allen’s house with the motif of killing her with a knife. Police were called, and he was arrested for burglary and harassment, and sentenced to an “indefinite hospital order”.

However, after 4 years, Gray was recently granted leave under supervision and was allowed to go out for 20 minutes, triggering the singer’s fears once again.

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On Wednesday, while on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Lily revealed the development saying, “He got out yesterday actually for twenty minutes supervised leave. That has been praying on my mind”. She further recalled the incident, “He broke into my house at about 2 o’clock in the morning in October 2015… He had been sending me things and turning up for 7 years.”

The assailant was in her bedroom, waiting for her. Lily initially thought it was her ex as he had a spare key but was smart enough to call the police. Once arrested, he was asked about his motives to which he said, “I was going to put a knife through her face”.

The singer further continued, “The bail hearing I went to as I had no confirmation they had the right person. And the only person that had seen him in my flat was me, so I wanted to make sure it was the right person because I didn’t trust the police”.

Lily and Chris Evans/Daily Mail

Allen’s lack of trust in the police was not new. She was disappointed in the system as it failed to cater to her complaints about the stalker and action was only taken once he broke into her house. The incident might’ve taken a wrong turn and it would’ve ended very differently.

In 2016, the singer said, “I’m not angry at Alex Gray. He has a mental illness. The system has failed him. But until he gets the right treatment and the right help he needs, then I’m not safe. You can throw the book at him, put him in jail, but he’ll still be coming out. And the victim is never safe.”

The stalker also managed to show signs of violence during court when “he started standing up and banging on the glass and got irradiate”, swaying the judges in Allan’s favor.

The F*** You singer also revealed that her main purpose was to contribute to the community in a useful way and it was fulfilled when she received a call from a detective. Allan told Chris Evans, “A female detective from up North contacted me and said she had dealt with lots of these types of cases and things before. And that the reading of my book, My Thoughts Exactly, pushed her to make a commitment to herself to deal with them differently than she had done up until she read about my experience, so that was really amazing. That is the whole point of my platform, is to contribute in a way that is useful”.

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