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Liam Payne is baring it all in his latest Instagram photograph and there’s a whole photo shoot where that came from. The singer is seen sitting on a chair absolutely naked with his back to the camera at a slight angle, turning back to give the camera a provocative gaze as he shows off his muscular build and impressive collection of tattoos. His friend, whose chair he was sitting on, posted the photograph with the jokey caption:

get of my chair @liampayne.”

Recently, Kate Moss also did a similar photo shoot with the exact same photographer. Several people have drawn parallels between the composition, poses, and angles of the photographs of both celebrities. This photograph post by Liam Payne is something unlike what’s been seen coming form male celebrities in the past. It’s been well received, however, as fans are both excited and amazed at his confidence. Mind you, there is a whole photo shoot of photographs where that came from!

Liam Payne is on the rise in the fashion world. He’s collaborated on some major partnerships with big fashion brands such as Hugo Boss. The ever so clearly on the market hunk is at it now making statements right and left as he sets on to continue growing as the face of modern male fashion and chic attire.

Leading up to this photo, there were some rumors floating around that Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell may have been growing closer. The two had been spotted together several times out at events and they were observed to have been passing flirtatious remarks on one another’s Instagram profiles as well. It seems that that didn’t last for the two as they grew distant again. What was a spring time get to know one another relationship died too soon to turn into a summer beaus relationship.

That said, Liam Payne is happy with his single status. He’s working on himself, what he enjoys, his music, and being an amazing father to his son, Bear. He’s come out with some heart touching music lately and he’s on a roll as he goes on as a music and fashion all rounder in Hollywood!

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