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Glendale man who stole Marilyn Monroe’s statue from the top of a Hollywood art installation has been sentenced to a year in prison with a fine of over $14,000. The famous Monroe sculpture was stolen from the Four Ladies of Hollywood gazebo at Hollywood Boulevard on June 16.

Photo by KTLA

The gazebo features a large statue paying tribute to famous actresses, including Mae West and Dorothy Dandridge. A miniature statue of Monroe rests atop the art piece and is often called the “blonde bombshell”. It shows the actress in one of her iconic poses from her famous movie, “The Seven Year Itch”.

Photo by Deadline

However, despite being in the hub of the city, the art piece was stolen quite effortlessly. The police received a call around midnight about someone being on the top of the gazebo. However, the statue was still there when they arrived, only to disappear the very next day. According to the surveillance video, it was sawed off the sculpture by a man who then walked away with a big backpack.

Photo by Kero

Recently, the man responsible for the theft was caught and arrested. The 25-year-old vandalizer entered an open plea of no contest to felony grand theft and vandalism to the court – he did not negotiate a sentence with the prosecutors.

He was sentenced to one year in prison and is placed on three years’ probation alongside being charged with a massive fine of $14,260. Austin Mikel Clay, is apparently the same man who vandalized Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame with a pickaxe last year.

Photo by Mashable

Clay, previously, turned himself in the next day and pleaded no contest to vandalizing Trump’s star. He was sentenced to 3 years’ probation, one day in country jail and 20 days of community labor. He was also ordered attend psychological counselling and pay a $9,400 fine to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce that overlooks the famous walk of fame.

Despite being arrested once, the vandalizer managed to pull of another heist without being caught for several days. Must’ve been planning it for days!


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