After 44 years of hard word, England has finally won the ICC world cup. New Zealand and England qualified for the finals and had an epic, full-of-drama match, with England ultimately taking home the trophy.

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The ICC World Cup is an international championship of One Day International cricket, held every four years. After preliminary qualification rounds, two teams make their way to the final and play for the trophy. It is one of the most viewed sport events and is considered the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar”.

The first world cup was organized in England in June 1975 and since then England has tried to take home the winning title. However, despite many efforts it failed, up until now. England has finally won the match and for the first time in the history of ICC Cricket will be taking the prestigious trophy home.

ICC World cup trophy/via ICC world cup

The last time England came close to winning was in 1979 when it defeated New Zealand in the semi-final by 9 runs. However, they lost to West Indies in the final match.

The chances of England’s win were fluctuating throughout. Given the intensity of the match, it managed to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, giving them “mini heart attacks” every now and then.

The match ended on a tie between the two teams and hence had to have a super over. England chose to bat first and managed to make 15 runs over 6 balls. The target seemed difficult to achieve but New Zealand was certainly determined to win the game.

Archer decided to bowl and started with a wide, giving New Zealand an added advantage. The team was able to chase the target with requiring 2 runs from 1 ball at the end – certainly a nail-biting situation for New Zealand’s supporters. However, Gutwill (New Zealand’s batter) was run out and they managed to make 15 runs – again a tie.


As England had more boundaries – 2 fours, as compared to New Zealand’s – 1 six, the former won the match. What an astounding victory! This was also the first time New Zealand qualified for the finals, so kudos to the team for an amazing effort. They almost had it, but better luck next time.

You can watch the super over here



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