We’ve probably all gone through the feeling of feeling tired even after a good long sleep. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you still feel tired all the time. It can be really annoying because it makes you less productive. Moreover, it’s an issue that plagues many people.

There have been many instances of tiredness having an adverse effect on yourself, but on others too. Around 72,000 car crashes occur due to drowsy driving every year. If you are one of the people who can’t work productively due to feeling tired all the time, here are 5 reasons that explain why:


There are many situations nowadays that cause people to take a lot of stress. Of course, it’s impossible to completely stress-free, it can even help you by making you work harder for something such as an exam. However, if you constantly stress out over many things, then that can be really unhealthy.

Prolonged stress causes physical and emotional exhaustion and it can even lead to illness among individuals. Everyone has a different coping mechanism, some aren’t able to cope as well. As a result, some people end up taking too much stress which takes a toll on the body and hence results in the feeling of tiredness. If you are stressed out and it’s causing you to have headaches or migraines then don’t ignore it. These are signals being sent by your body that you’re taking too much stress, which is not good for you.

In order to tackle the problem of stress, there are many approaches. If something or someone specific stresses you out, try to take steps to avoid them entirely. Try to always look at the bigger picture when stressing out. For example, if you have exam stress, think about the long-term effect it’ll have. Chances are, one exam won’t have a huge long-term impact on you.

One great stress reliever is to talk to someone. Many times people don’t voice their concerns to others for various reasons. However, talking to someone is a great stress reliever, especially if it’s someone that understands you or it’s someone you can relate with. Never isolate yourself, ask people for help, it can do wonders for you.

Sedentary Lifestyle

There’s a vicious cycle when it comes to being tired and inactive. When one feels tired, it’s natural to just lay back and do nothing the entire day. However, that is exactly what you shouldn’t do. Instead, one should make an effort to get up and be more active. It’ll go a long way into reducing tiredness.

When you exercise, you force your body to burn the food you eat or even the fat reserves you have for energy. This results in the person feeling more energized throughout the day after working out. A study also showed that working out for 20 minutes in a moderately intense session helped boost energy levels significantly.

Another study showed that people who exercised regularly had much better energy and less fatigue than those who did not. The overall message here is that exercising a few days a week can make a big difference. Not only does it help you stay fit and healthy, but a lot more energetic as well.


Perhaps the most important and relevant reason for people feeling tired all the time, sleep is really important. In today’s world, everyone is so busy or caught up with so many things that they end up sleeping far less than they are actually supposed to. As a result, they feel drowsy or less energetic throughout the day, and this keeps on happening.

A healthy sleep time is at least 7 hours of sleep and not many people are able to achieve that. It’s not just your fatigue that lack of sleep will target, but your entire life gets disrupted in the long-run. You start to notice a dip in your productivity, lack of sleep is correlated with loss of memory.

There’s an increased risk of health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, depression and even greater risk of death when people don’t get enough sleep. If you’re trying to lose weight and the scale doesn’t budge, then lack of sleep is a key factor explaining your inability to lose weight. Sleep is really important, make sure you get ample quality sleep every day. Otherwise, the health risks are severe and tiredness is only the tip of the iceberg.

Poor diet

How you fuel yourself throughout the day has a huge impact on your energy levels. If all you eat is food that’s high in calories and full of processed grains, fats, and unhealthy nutrients, then chances are that you won’t be feeling so good. Eating a balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins can help improve your fatigue significantly.

Your body requires different amounts of multiple nutrients in order to function properly. It’s not just a combination of macronutrients either. If you’re not getting your vitamins in daily, then you can develop deficiencies quite easily. A poor diet with fewer nutrients and more processed sugar and fats results in your body not receiving the optimal food it needs. Therefore, you start getting less out of your body because you’re not fueling it properly.

Therefore, start tracking the number of calories you eat. Track your macros, eat healthier, whole-grain foods and you’ll immediately recognize a huge difference. Often when you eat junk or unhealthy food, you might feel drowsiness. That’s because these foods are high in fats and low in other essential nutrients. Fats have a lot of energy but are hard to break down for energy, the process is slow.

Thus, have a diet with a moderate number of fats. The diet should include a regular carb amount, where most of your carbs come from complex carb sources. It should also have a moderate amount of protein. All of it combined gives you a recipe for success.

Medical Issues

Of course, there are always exceptions. Some people may have proper sleep, a healthy diet, low-stress lev, ls and an active lifestyle too. However, there might be a medical condition that’s limiting their productivity and contributing more to their fatigue.

There are many conditions that can make a person feel more tired. These include Anemia, Underactive Thyroid, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Urinary Tract Infection, Food Intolerance, Heart Disease, Glandular Fever, Pregnancy and Vitamin, and Mineral deficiencies.

If you are suffering from any of these medical issues and are also feeling tired all the time, then that’s a red flag. Even if you may not be suffering from the above medical conditions, feeling tired is a big symptom for all of these. Therefore, in any case, consult a doctor so that you can be properly guided on what you should do.

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