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Ashley Benson took to Instagram earlier today to announce her new Privé Revaux X Benzo collection and the photograph she uploaded showed us more than just that. Taking a closer look, you can spot a discrete tattoo where the side of her left breast and arm meet, and that tattoo reads: CD. Sound familiar? Yes, those just happen to be the initials of her lover and model girlfriend Cara Delevingne.

Back to the contents of the post, Ashley Benson captioned it:

So excited to share this with you guys [heart emoji] My new collection with @priverevaux is here.”

The purpose of the post was to promote her collection, but that’s not what people ended up paying attention to. A lot of fans noticed the tattoo initials on her body and commented with “Awws” and heart emojis as well as remarks of love and encouragement.

Fans have been closely observing the couple which appears to have been steady sailing in their relationship for a while now. Rumors have been circulating for a while that the two may be engaged or may be on the road to an engagement very soon. The two were seen wearing gold bands on their ring fingers while spending quality time together on a vacation in Saint Tropez.

That aside, the sight of Cara Delevingne’s initials on Ashley Benson is a sign of serious commitment. Heck, you’re inking someone else’s identity onto your body for the foreseeable future. That’s a big deal. While no announcement of the sort has come out from the couple about any engagement, many are taking this as a sign that the two may have taken their relationship to the next level commitment wise.

The two have been dating for over a year and came out to celebrate pride week together in full swing this year publicly as well. They also collaborated earlier this year in a movie called Her Smell. Working together, living together, vacationing together, having the other’s initials tattooed on one’s body: these are all surely signs of some serious commitment step either have already passed or coming up ahead very soon!

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