North West has been growing up so fast, not so much in person as in the privileges associated. The six-year-old is now wearing a nose ring and the internet is losing its mind.

Kim Kardashian has been under a lot of fire off an on about the way she raises her children. As a non-African American woman married to an African American rapper and also mother to African American children, she’s made a few mistakes (if that’s what you want to call them) here and there that put a question mark against her ability to truly raise them right.

It all first stemmed from Kim Kardashian allowing for North West’s hair to be straightened, which perhaps got her the most heat from African American women who claimed that she has no idea how to manage African American hair, that straightening it is not the solution, and that she cannot be a fit mother to her African American children until she learns how to cater to their hair which is an integral part of their ethnicity and heritage.

Kim Kardashian spoke out on the matter but soon got into learning new braiding styles and trying to support her daughter as much as possible in looking the way she wanted to look. That bundle of drama aside, Kim Kardashian next took the heat when little North sported lipstick in a family photograph. Followers commented that North was too young to be polluting her skin with make up products and that there’s an age for everything and right now her age is to go out, get her knees dirty, and play.

Kim Kardashian didn’t heed much to this criticism as she continued to let North indulge in makeup, with her sporting a full spread of eye makeup on her 6th birthday as well. While the hair comment made her realize and open up to learning more, the makeup remark was out of place a personal parenting choice that she stood by.

Now, however, Kim Kardashian is under fire again for letting her daughter sport a nose ring at Kim Kardashian’s grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell’s 85th birthday. Luckily, though, the Nose Ring was a fake slip on and Kim Kardashian instantly clarified that publicly which turned followers from criticizing her parenting privileges to complimenting how North West totally rocked it! After all, what do you expect from the daughter of Kanye West? Her body sticker jewels and extra large sunnies took her rad look to another level.

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