Kylie Jenner recently posted a cute picture with Travis Scott but fans got super pissed!

The 21-year-old model is back from her luxurious trip to Turks and Caicos Island, where she celebrated the launch of her skincare line – KylieSkin. Now that she is back with her longtime boyfriend, Travis Scott, the two have been posting some really cute pictures. However, one of the photos posted on Kylie’s Instagram page has received some serious backlash.



On 21st July, Jenner posted an adorable picture of herself with Travis Scott, on Instagram. The two posed in front of an open car door. Kylie can be seen wearing an oversized, bright pink blazer with a blue onesie, paired with large hoop earrings and a small black leather bag. Scott has one arm wrapped around the model and the other on her waist. Needless to say, the two looked super cute!



However, the picture received a lot harsh comments from Kylie’s fanbase. Through the car window, you can see the ‘’handicapped” sign on the wall – making people question if the she parked her car in the reserved space. The two seemingly took up space without a permit – which is illegal- and certainly pissed off a lot of people.



One of the fans posted, “As accessibility advocate, I am disappointed you appear to be parked in front of accessibility parking spaces”. Another continued, “Shame on you guys for parking in a handicap space. Guess you wouldn’t know what its like to be handicap. Coming from a handicap person.



Disability inclusion group, The Ruderman Family Foundation, also released a statement regarding the Instagram post. Jay Ruderman, Director of the foundation, said, “Accessible parking is meant for people with disabilities who need it. As a role model to many, this is an opportunity for Kylie Jenner to use her celebrity status to help society understand why accessible parking is a basic right for people with disabilities to be included in daily life.

The picture was captioned, “Partners in crime 4 evaaa”, looks like the caption was actually true!


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