A lot’s been going on on this year’s The Bachelorette season. Young Hannah Brown is faced with the most important decision of her life. She’s got to choose a partner for herself after a season of observing, going out with, and getting to know a wide variety of guys who were all competing for her love.

Usually when we’re all faced with big life decisions, we seek out our parents for their wisdom and guidance. For Hannah Brown, however, while she was busy in Greece trying to figure out how to move forward as the big decision hangs over her head ahead of The Bachelorette’s finale, her parents flew out to meet her to see how she was doing and what she’d decided for herself.

In the preview for The Bachelorette’s finale, Hannah Brown’s mother, Susanne Brown is seen telling Hannah:

I think you thought you were going to be at one place, and you’re confused. I’m confused for you. So, I’m going to ask you some questions that you’re not going to like today. Ultimately this is your decision, but…”

This is where Hannah cut her off and said:

No, I want to know, but… I knew this was freakin’ going to happen.”

Susanne goes on to voice her concern, saying:

You got to think about these things. This is it, so I’m telling you what I see as a mom.”

This puts all the more pressure on Hannah and she responds:

It makes it really hard because now I’m confused. I don’t want to make the wrong decision.”

Hannah’s mom is moved to tears as she tells her daughter that:

I want somebody that will take…that will love you like I know you should be loved.”

Hannah then says:

I am concerned, I am confused and conflicted. No matter how much I want to make this my decision, I want them to see what I see.”

Clearly Hannah Brown is ever so much more conflicted. The two-night season finale of the show airs this Monday night which means that she’s got just two days to make perhaps the biggest decision of her life.

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