Waiting at an airport when your flight’s delayed can be stressful. With almost nothing to do, a person can get frustrated and exhausted.

Here’s what to do if you’re stuck at an airport for long

Listen to Music

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Music has the ability to affect your mood drastically. Listening to music is a cheap, fast and pleasant way to kill time. Download a variety of songs in your phone beforehand and listen to them if there’s an unexpected delay. Most airports have internet access, so you can listen to them online as well!

Read a book

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Reading can serve as a wonderful escape from the hassle of being stuck at an airport.  According to a 2009 study, reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.

Find a book or a magazine that piques your interest and dive in! if you can’t find a hard copy, download the E books on your phone or laptop.

Window shopping

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Most airports these days are no less than shopping malls. The prices are high but you can go play with gadgets or try out makeup testers for free. Whether its massage chairs at Brookstone, sampling fragrances at L’Occitane or books in WH Smith, you can find it all in there.

Take a day trip

Singapore Changi Airport

If you have a few hours till your flight, go out and explore the city. Skip the waiting and become a tourist for a day. If you’re travelling abroad, most countries now offer on spot visas at the airport.

Moreover, many airports- Chicago, Sydney and Honkong – have direct train service downtown as well. Apart from that, Singapore’s Changi Airport offers free two-hour tours of town to passengers who have a layover of at least five hours.

Treat yourself

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Today, many airports have massage parlors and spas. Drive away your exhaustion with a nice back or foot massage or treat yourself with a mani-pedi. Relax and enjoy the quiet instead of waiting impatiently for your flight.

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