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Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert Let Bachelor Nation Fans Name Their Baby: Brooks Easton Tolbert


Bachelor In Paradise Star, Jade Roper and partner Tanner Tolbert announced in the final stage of Jade’s pregnancy that they would open up the naming of their newborn baby boy to the Bachelor Nation fans. The couple married in their 2017 special televised wedding after finding soul mates in one another on the Bachelor in Paradise show.

Jade Roper took to Instagram to announce this proposition to her 1.2 million followers who brainstormed hundreds of names but eventually narrowed it down to four cute baby boy names that the couple then had to choose from. Those names were: Easton, Brooks, Beckett, and Reed. This may have sounded like a hype tactic at first, but Jade Roper confirmed in a statement that she would in fact choose from the four narrowed down from all the suggestions online.

Jade’s husband, Tanner Tolbert said of the names starting with “B” and “R,” that:

Those are actually my top two choices so I’m cool either way. We have to decide tonight because we have to go fill out the birth certificate tomorrow morning so I’m going to let Jade make the final decision. Since she’s the one that pushed him out, she can decide between those two names.”

That sounds like a fair advantage to give to the mother of his child, especially since she sat in the closet of their master bedroom to squeeze their baby out. Jade Roper said of the incident that the contractions were so intense that her husband reckoned they’d never make it to the hospital in time so they called in some emergency help.

She said further:

It was actually very terrifying because we hadn’t had that planned and everything felt like it was happening so fast and we were worried about the safety of our baby. It was really crazy but I was thankful that I had my mom, Tanner’s mom and Tanner because they were definitely my sanity in those moments. We were just so thankful that the paramedics got there in time.”

Three firefighters and three paramedics delivered the couple’s second child after their daughter Emerson, and then promptly took the newborn baby and second time mama to the hospital.

That said, the couple has just announced that they’ve chosen the official name for their new bundle of joy. It’s startling that two names from the four both made it onto his birth certificate. They named their baby boy: Brooks Easton Tolbert, announcing it via Instagram in the cutest post!


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