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Wendy Williams and her ex Husband Kevin Hunter are now divorced. The two had a home together in Livingston Township, New Jersey, where they lived for a decade and now, amidst the separation, the two have put it on the market to sell off for a whopping USD$ 1.8 million.

As this price is below what the market price would be for this 20 year old, two story, 5700 square foot home on 0.7 acres of land, the two have stated the reason for it being that they’re looking to sell it off as soon as possible. That said, the two will be put into a loss with this price point as they bought the house back in 2009 for USD$ 2.1 million.

The home comes with a fully finished basement, state of the art kitchen, five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, the couple’s own master bedroom with a marble master bath, two massive walk in closets, a grand marble floor foyer, and an expansive backyard with an entire sports court, patio, and koi pond.

Earlier this year in April, 54 year old Wendy Williams sought divorce from her husband of 21 years who is also the father of her 18 year old son and the former executive producer of her comedy series. This divorce came out of rumors and allegations circulating that Kevin Hunter was having an affair with another woman and had also had a child with her. The couple had a heated argument about the affair in which Kevin admitted to his relationship with his mistress as well as the fact that the two shared a child.

Following this, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter’s son got into a physical fight with his father and was charged legally with assault to which he plead non guilty and was dismissed. As the divorce settlements heated, Kevin Hunter demanded equal distribution of the assets the couple accumulated during their 21 years of marriage (hence the selling and distribution of cash money invested in their Jersey home( and also demanded that Wendy Williams pay his attorney fees and for the child support plus college expenses of their son.

Later on, in May, Wendy Williams moved to New York City without Kevin Hunter and claimed that she was living in “the ultimate bachelorette pad high atom everything [with a] really, really good view.” The star also announced in July that she was no longer single and that she had found another man to enjoy life with. She said:

I’m not in love, but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about.”

This was in reference to Wendy William’s new significant other: a doctor who also has grown children from a previous broken off marriage.


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