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Instagrammer Ekaterina Karaglanova’s Boyfriend Admits To Brutally Murdering Her & Leaving Her Body In A Suitcase


Just recently the news broke that influential Instagrammer Ekaterina Karaglanova was brutally murdered and left in a suitcase just outside her apartment ahead of her 25th birthday. The body was discovered after the travel / fashion / lifestyle blogger had gone off the grid for days, raising quite a lot of concern. The star’s parents reached out to her landlord to have a look around and it was he who discovered a suspicious suitcase in the hotel lobby outside her apartment that contained her body.

With the body found and the police investigations under way, Ekaterina Karaglanova’s boyfriend, Maxim Gareyev has been seen in a released video taking responsibility for the brutal murder of his girlfriend and confessing that he stabbed her “at least five times in the neck and chest.” The police confirmed the neck and chest stabbings but also claimed that there appeared to be no sign of any struggle.

This video was released by Russia’s law enforcement according to Fox News. Maxim Gareyev was seen regretful in the video. It is unclear whether or not a lawyer was present to advise him of his confession. It is also unclear whether or not this confession was coerced or natural. Law enforcement has also requested that a mental health analysis of Maxim be completed to ensure that he is in a sane state of mind when admitting to these murders.

The boyfriend also appeared in court as the investigations proceeded. He publicly apologized to Ekaterina Karaglanova’s parents who were also present there. Since then, Maxim has now been officially charged with an account of murder. He has yet to enter any plea deal in court and will not be able to do so until both he and his lawyer pass a mental health check.

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Привет, Москва! 👋🏾 Вот и подошла к концу наша короткая, но очень весёлая поездка на Корфу. Было очень кстати на несколько деньков сбежать от проливных дождей и холода к Ионическому морю. Вообще, если честно, не люблю долгий отдых. Путешествую часто, но в каждой стране провожу не более чем 3-5 дней. Самое длительное путешествие за всю жизнь было в Израиль с семьей , когда мне было лет 14. Мы тогда ездили в гости на целый месяц, объехали всю страну. Сейчас же предпочитаю путешествовать очень часто, но коротко, учеба и работа не отпускают. Зато впечатления от таких коротких поездок остаются самые яркие 💥 Детально помню каждый свой трип, все красивые места, смешные истории. В голове ничего не смешалось, как думают многие .😅 С каждой страной связано что-то своё 🌎 Расскажите про свои самые яркие путешествия, как вы обычно любите отдыхать? #traveler#travelife#travelove#luxurytravel#travelgirl#traveltheworld#traveladdicted#traveladdict#travelblog#travelgoals#agentprovocatuer#travelpost#travelgrams#styleblogger#travelwithme#style#styles#outfit#Kati_travels#korfu#korfuisland#travelgirl#teavelgirlsgo

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Ekaterina Karaglanova was a high profile celebrity in Russia, being former Miss Moscow first runner-up. The star just recently completed her graduate medical schooling and travelled to Greece to celebrate. Her last Instagram post was a photo of her in Greece, and after returning from her vacation, she commented that:

I travel often, but in every country, I spend no more than 3-5 days. longest journey of my life was in Israel with my family, when I was 14. We went to visit for a while month, covered the whole country. Now I prefer to travel very often, but briefly…The impressions of such short trips remain the brightest.”


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