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According to a recent investigation, millions of followers of the Kardashian sisters – Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, are fake. The list also includes Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande and Miley cyrus – with more than 40% fake to real followers’ ratio. 


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The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (IMCP) in London recently conducted a study to measure the fake following of famous celebrities on social media.  

99 showbiz and sports personalities were ran through an Instagram audit and most of them showed a relatively high ratio of fake follower accounts. Ellen Degeneres managed to make it to the top of the list with 58% fake following. She was followed by K-pop group BTS with 48%. 

The famous Keeping up with the Kardashians stars also managed to make their way to the famous list. Kourtney with a following of 80.4 million had 49% fake followers – that’s almost 39.4 million fake accounts! Kim with 143.6 million followers and Khloe with 96 million, both have a 44% fake following.  

Although, not has high as the rest, Kylie Jenner also made it to the list with 30% of her 140.3 million followers being fake. 


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Double date.

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Social media is an important tool for the famous sisters to promote their products and earn a TONNE of money. Just by name dropping products in their Instagram posts, the stars are reported to make a lot of money. In an article by Bazaar Magazine, Kim makes about $500,000 per Instagram post. Kourtney and Khloe make $250,000 and the Jenners $400,000. WOW! 

Moreover, social media also plays an important role in the marketing of their products. Recently, Kylie Jenner launched a new beauty products line, Kylie Skin, and took a celebratory trip to Turks and Caiscos Island. The 21-year-old publicized the beauty collection and customized “Kylie skin” products on her Instagram page, receiving many compliments on the success – and in turn increasing her revenue as well. 




The IMCP list also includes:

  • Tani Kroos – 57%
  • Taylor Swift – 49%
  • Ariana Grande – 46%
  • Deepika Padukone – 48%
  • Katy Perry – 53%
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