Home Celebrity Katie Price looks unrecognizable with her post surgery face: Pictures

Katie Price looks unrecognizable with her post surgery face: Pictures


Katie Price was recently seen on a shopping trip with a swollen and stretched face, post the latest round of surgeries.

The famous British celebrity has spent a lot of her time in and out of a surgeon’s office. In May 2019, the star headed to Turkey for lipo, facelift and Brazilian bum lift – earning her the title of “the Bride of Wildenstein”. In August, the model, yet again, underwent a major surgery for a facelift and boob reduction.

via The Sun

Despite, being told many times to take a break, the 41-year-old doesn’t hesitate from going under the knife again and again.

Price’s family and friends are against her surgery addiction, and have urged her, several times, to seek help and go to a rehab. According to an insider, “Her friends are begging her to give her body a rest from the constant procedures – she’s so frail, every time she has an operation, the recovery period gets longer”.

The model, herself, realizes the surgeries aren’t good for her, however, doesn’t stop from going back to the same place again. According to a source, “It’s clear she’s regretting her decision already. With the amount of pain she’s in, even she realises she’s gone too far this time”.

The mother of five was recently seen on a shopping trip with her boyfriend, Kris Boyson, looking almost unrecognizable. Her face was swollen and stretched as she struggled to keep her eyes open. The model was also seen having difficulty in keeping her mouth shut.

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Price was wearing a comfortable grey sweatshirt with matching pants and bright pink sandals. Her toyboy, 31, walked beside her in a pink tee and shorts. The couple also stopped to share a small kiss in the middle of the mall.

The personal trainer was also seen sporting a plaster on his nose due to a recent nose job. He claims he’d made the decision due to his medical condition and difficulty in breathing.

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According to The Sun, the surgery left her in a lot of pain, unrecognizable even by her children. “The work she had done was some intense surgery and she’s been worrying that her ears might drop off. That won’t happen of course, but the agony coupled with sleepless nights have left her freaking out”.

via Mirror
via The Sun


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