Lady Gaga is someone who went from being engaged to being broken up in the blink of an eye. She went from having a “goals” relationship that the world awed over to someone who sat through heavy hearted over an unfortunate breakup. But being the strong soul that she is, she didn’t let that get her down. She stood right back up and came forward with positivity and soon met Dan Horton with whom she partied till the sun came out at the Pasadena Daydream Music Festival last Saturday night.

If The Cure concert at the event wasn’t show enough, the two lovebirds put on a next level show of their own, not holding back when it came to enjoying one another’s company and showing it with immense affection. The Cure was in stage, but more than their actual concert, Lady Gaga and her beau rocking it out and having the time of their lives caught everyone’s attention and made the social media headlines.

Lots of social media users took to their accounts to express how they felt after seeing Lady Gaga and her beau at the event. One Twitter user even captured the couple in a series of photographs and posted them along with a tweet that read: “I WENT TO SEE THE CURE AND THE PIXIES IN PASADENA AND LADY GAGA WAS THERE SHES SO F—KING CUTE. She was dancing it was very wholesome and she looks like she’d be a fun friend to have.”

Other eye witnesses who attended the concert commented on the two as well, exclaiming that their couple is extremely adorable and that they both looked like they were having so much fun which really lifted the spirits of the whole event for everyone. The pictures surely show that too!

After catching so much public attention about being present at The Cure concert with her beau, Lady Gaga was bound to speak up about the event she attended as well. The star shared some words about it on her instagram story in which she wrote: “I love the cure, felt my old self come alive tonight what a show @thecure.”

We’re happy for her and her new boyfriend. Lady Gaga broke off her engagement just six months ago and now she’s seeing someone who makes her happy and makes her feel alive. There isn’t any tragic or dramatized backstory to how it ended for her, but nevertheless it did and it’s wonderful for her to find love in someone who makes her feel alive as she so put it herself.

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