Kim Kardashian hasn’t always been the fashion diva. Following the cringey fashion trends of the early 2000, the beauty mogul has had some embarrassing moments. However, the mom of 4 doesn’t care and loves her mistakes.

In her interview for the Vogue Arabia, the star talked about her worst fashion moments. She said, “I love my worst moments now. I look back and have to laugh; it was so much fun. It was who I was, what I could afford and what I knew at the time”. She also revealed that it was Kanye who corrected her fashion style and changed her taste.

Here are some of the worst outfit choices by the beauty mogul:

Belted top and tights

via ShowbizCheetSheet

The 38-year-old wore this ‘elegant’ dress while attending an OmniPeace event. She paired the three-colored poncho style shirt with black tights, black wedges, large hoop earrings and brown shades. The star also wore a chain bag and a wide belt over her waist.

Brown shirt and a white shrug

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Kim attended the opening of the Melrose Place Diesel Store in 2007, in this thoughtfully selected outfit. She wore a brown silk shirt and a white cape along with large hoop earrings and a clear Louis Vuitton handbag.

Lets go white

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The Keeping up with the Kardashians star wore a grey shirt with a white belt and a white camisole. She paired the look with white knee length boots and a white handbag. The model certainly showed the world she can match!

Yellow top and blue jeans

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While launching the fall 2008 Bongo Collection, Kim wore a yellow top with slightly lose blue jeans. She also wore large hoop earrings, yellow and white bangles and yellow polka dot wedges. No words for this one Kim!

And last but not the least

Beaded Turtleneck

via ShowbizCheetSheet

Kim was seen wearing a brown beaded turtle-neck at the after party for the premiere of Alpha Dog, with Paris Hilton and Anton Yelchin. The outfit can only be described as a “crochet gone wrong”.


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