Kaitlynn Carter & Miley Cyrus have become a fast formed hollywood couple after their respective breakups: Miley Cyrus from husband Liam Hemsworth, and Kaitlynn Carter from (not legally married) husband Brody Jenner. After their breakups, the two were seen spending some intimate time together in Italy and following that they spent a lot of time back home in the USA, with Miley Cyrus introducing Kaitlynn Carter to her mom as well.

On Wednesday, the 4th of September, Kaitlynn Carter celebrated her 31st birthday, and along side her she had none other than her current girlfriend: Miley Cyrus. All we know of the celebration  is through some of the photographs that Kaitlynn Carter shared of the day on Instagram.

In those, we can see the two with their arms around one another. Miley Cyrus donned a white button down and black mid waisted pants with her hair wavy and open. Kaitlynn Carter, on the other hand, went for a more traditionally feminine look; she wore a little black dress with a deep square neck and puffy full length sleeves with a chic high ponytail to go with it. Kaitlynn Carter also wore some downright gorgeous heels that perfectly complemented her outfit and the two smiled in one another’s company for the photos. The two are seen standing in a balcony that has a view of a valley of houses.

Besides these instagrammed photos, Kaitlynn Carter also posted some video snaps on her instagram story in which she’s seen blowing out the candles on her birthday dessert dish. Miley Cyrus is seen sitting by her side in those, making videos to mark the occasion. The two seem undeniably happy enjoying Kaiylynn’s special day together.

Miley Cyrus has not shared any over the top Instagram dedication or social media post to mark the occasion of her girlfriend’s birthday, but she seems to be overjoyed and content in the videos, both celebrating and beaming with pride in her significant other. The two have been spending a significant amount of time together both in private and on public outings. They’ve made their relationship public official by having held hands at the MTV Video Music Awards after part as well and from what Brody Jenner has spoken out about them, it seems that they’re happier together too.

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