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Khloe Kardashian is known for being the inspiration and motivation behind her Revenge Body dogma. She’s got a whole show to go along with it in which she helps people transform their bodies from flab to ab to become the physical personalities that they want to be.

Khloe is the one sister of the Kardashians who has become very workout focused. While surgical options were better preferred with slight workout aids for the other sisters, Khloe who was fat-shamed prior, tried to incorporate working out more into her routine to work towards the figure that she now has. She’s the real success story of flab to ab who can now walk around with a body that’ll make Tristan turn back every single time.

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Not everyone has the luxurious aid and guidance that the Kardashians have so holding onto any clues given away in Khloe’s workout videos was a big source of information for all of us trying to get ourselves in order from home. Khloe Kardashian says that she works out about five to six times a week, for an hour and half each time.

Her latest clipping of her sped up workout shows her working out to Kanye West’s “Cant Tell Me Nothing,” and she captioned the post:

Many people ask me to post my workouts like I used to. I may start filming my workouts again. I didn’t record my ab routine or my cardio warm up but it’s a start.”

While we couldn’t decipher much from her Instagram post alone, her trainer Joe Paris created a run through of Khloe’s intense workout with step by step posts on his own Instagram story.

Here’s the breakdown:

A basic stretch
4 sets of 10 repetition elevated burpees with plank rowing
30 seconds of squat pulses with 30 pounds in added weight
10 bench step ups on each leg
1 minute side steps on a treadmill
30 second donkey kicks on each leg
10 deadlifts
10 rowing supinate grips
10 floor presses with closed grip dumbbells
4 sets of 30 repetitions of weighted explosive side steps on a stepper

And that was just the beginning apparently. We’re drained already! When a fan commented in awe to her workout video, Khloe responded saying:

Take one day at a time. Remember it’s mind, body and soul. You got this!! Happy healthy heart is all you need.”

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