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Channing Tatum got a restraining order after an obsessed fan snuck into and lived inside his residence while he was away. Guess he isn’t the only one with obsessed fans surpassing privacy boundaries because John Mayer has just received a temporary restraining order regarding an obsessed fan as well.

A Woman Broke Into Channing Tatum’s Home & He’s Filed A Restraining Order

While Channing Tatum’s obsessed fan was perhaps not bearing mal-intent, John Mayer has faced a great deal of harassment and threatening behavior that has led him to strongly pursue this matter in court. According to the case that was observed in court, John Mayer dates the fan’s obsessive interactions back to March this year when said fan, Ryan Jeremy Knight, supposedly terrorized both Mayer and members of his professional team by stalking them and harassing them with messages. Eventually, the situation escalated and the 39 year old fan crossed all sane boundaries and started to threaten John Mayer’s life through violent social media messages. He also went further to threaten Mayer’s working team with such death threats as well.

On the 28th of June this year, John Mayer held a concert in North Carolina where the obsessed stalker showed up but was promptly spotted by security and sent out. This instance was also mentioned in the case filings report.

When John Mayer took this dilemma to court, he quoted the stalker’s social media statements, one of them being: “I’ve put many a jew in the hospital.” Mayer then went on to appeal for a restraining order, citing infamous serial killers and other dangerous men such as Mark David Chapman who ended up killing John Lennon. While the criminal record or background history of the alleged stalker has not been disclosed, the court has found grounds in the man’s past to warrant John Mayer’s restraining order which demands that the stalker maintain a 100 foot distance from the singer at all times. Another hearing on the 27th of this month will further investigate the matter to decide whether the restraining order should be kept in place permanently.

It is unclear why Ryan Jeremy Knight has taken a keen interest in pursuing John Mayer. No linkage or history between the two explaining why has surfaced.

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