Kristin Stewart was previously seeing Stella Maxwell, with whom she was spotted making out on a yacht on the 19th of July. With just over a month gone by since, the couple has now split and Kristin Stewart is now with her new girlfriend Dylan Meyer, with whom she’s making it clear she’s very serious.

Kristin Stewart and Stella Maxwell had a rocky relationship. The two dated off and on for years with numerous breaks in between. This seems to be the final split call between the two and Kristin Stewart is now with her new girlfriend Dylan Meyer with whom she was first spotted caressing intimately on the 16th of August.

According to those close to Kristen Stewart, her latest time spends with Stella Maxwell were just get together occasions for the two to enjoy one another’s company while it lasted. Kristin Stewart is no longer seeing Stella Maxwell. The two have officially parted ways for good this time and Kristin Stewart is happy to move on from her past relationship and to grow closer to her new girlfriend Dylan Meyer.

Going from an actress girlfriend to a screenwriter girlfriend, this new relationship is better for Kristen Stewart’s lifestyle as well. The two are able to make more time for one another and be together. Their romance is budding quickly as they move from one stage to the next in their relationship, showing seriousness every step of the way. The two aren’t worried about moving too fast as long as they’re moving together.

While this is meant to be the official split between Kristin Stewart and Stella Maxwell as we have bold decisions coming from Kristen Stewart’s side as she shows she’s moving on, we do still think that it’s only a matter of time before the two seek one another out again and rekindle a romance. Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart have a familiarity and spark that the two can’t find with other people. As the two have split several times over the last couple years, despite having different partners through the splits, the two have always rekindled flame and gotten back together. The two have a past they cannot turn a blind eye to and an attraction for one another that can’t disappear into thin air.

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