As technology is advancing, wireless devices are becoming readily available in the market. Wireless audio devices have almost completely taken over the traditional wired headphones and speakers.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots provide an affordable wireless experience. Despite being cheap, the Bluetooth earpieces offer high quality audio and have an aesthetic appeal.



Most of Xiaomi’s products are aesthetically appealing and the Airdots are no different. The ear buds come in a small, pill shaped, chargeable case with matte finish and ‘Redmi’ embossed on the lid.

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On top of being very comfortable to use, the earpieces offer a decent audio quality. Even though, they don’t offer full noise cancelling, the dots can block out a fair amount of background noise.

Being waterproof is another salient quality of the product. The buds work fine if you’re sweating from running or working out, however, wearing them in the rain is not suggested.

The earpieces also come with two different sizes of the ear tips – making it suitable for different ages. However, the buttons on the sides can prove to be very annoying as only a slight push can pause the video/song and break the flow. Moreover, double clicking the button activates Siri in Iphones and Google Assistant in Android phones, interrupting your work.

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Sound and Quality

The Airdots offer a great quality for $30. They have 7.2mm drivers and can generate an acceptable level of sound considering the compact form factor. The bass is really pleasing – better than some of the famous Bluetooth earbuds. However, if you look at the overall quality, average would be a good rating.


The battery life for the Airdots is pretty amazing. Each ear bud has a battery timing of about 4 hours – that gets extended by charging from the pill case, which can generally charge them 3 times. This gives an overall 14-15 hours of potential playback.

The case is charged via a microUSB and has a 300mAh battery, that gets charged pretty quickly – generally 20-30 minutes, even faster if you’re using a fast charger.


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