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We all know the basic solution for hair growth and curing baldness is the weekly use of natural hair oil but it is also true that many people, even after being constant with hair oil application continue to suffer from hair fall and slow hair growth. Hence, I bring to you a magical hair oil recipe from my grandma’s diary, along with some more home remedies to grow long hair faster.

This magic hair oil needs only 4 natural ingredients that are easily available at home and it takes only 40 minutes to prepare. The ingredients required are; 3 cups of Coconut or mustard oil, a huge Aloe vera leaf, handful of curry leaves, and a small onion.

Chop onion into small pieces. Extract the gel out of the aloe vera leaf. Now Put oil in a pot or pan, heat it up for a minute, then add chopped onions, aloe vera gel and curry leaves in it. Keep the mixture on boil for about 30 minutes but make sure the flame is very low, so that the oil doesn’t end up burning.

Oil will absorb all the minerals from the ingredients within 3o minutes and when it’s done, turn the flame off and keep it to cool down. Transfer it into a jar and keep it for as long as you want. It doesn’t get rotten. If you don’t like the smell of this oil, you can add 3-4 drops of lavender oil in it too.

It is suggested to apply the oil at least twice a week for a healthy and strong hair.

The purpose of using these 4 natural ingredients in this oil is very clear as all of them have profound abilities to nourish hair and scalp. For instance, Coconut oil gets deep into the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. It also clears the dandruff leaving hair and the scalp cleared and shiny. Aloe vera gel, apart from its magical skin care abilities, it can also be very helpful for hair nourishment and care.

Curry leaves prevents hair from aging and turning grey as it works like a tonic for hair. And last but not the least, onions are a great source of power for hair. It makes hair strong and triggers hair growth right after its first application.

Other effective home remedies for hair loss and fast hair growth:

Egg Oil is highly effective against baldness and severe hair loss. But people hesitate using it because of how terrible it smells but if we get to ignore this one drawback of egg oil, we can have the 10 other solid benefits egg oil has to offer us for hair.

Egg oil, which is made from the yolk of chicken eggs is a strong natural remedy to cure hair loss in few days. It prevents hair from dandruff and dryness and works as a moisturizer for hair and scalp, which ultimately results in the treatment of hair loss as more hair fall is occurred when our scalp is damaged and dirty. Egg oil comes as a rescue here!

Other than that, you can also apply the onion juice directly on your scalp to trigger hair growth. As discussed before, onions are a great source of power for hair, so applying solely the juice of onion can do wonders too.


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