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Quite a few people seem to have thoughts to share on the recent developments on The Bachelorette. Now, Courtney Robertson is sharing her views on a live podcast.

On the last few episodes, a feud broke out between Luke Parker and Hannah Brown over a misunderstanding on the concepts of sex, purity, sin, and judgement of one another’s actions. After being eliminated, the unhappy contestant, Luke Parker, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post, defending himself and clarifying that he never intended to offend of hurt Hannah. He claimed that he was under the impression that the two were on the same page regarding saving sex for marriage.

As this wasn’t enough of an outlet to vent, the contestant took to twitter to speak out about the issues as well, to which he received a response from an angry Hannah Brown. The two exchanged tweets back and forth that brought religion into the mix of the discussion of sex.

Read all about it here: Hannah Brown and Luke Parker Get Into A Fiery Twitter War About Sex & Purity

That said, it seems that Luke Parker isn’t the only one to have spoke out about the recent developments on the Bachelorette following windmill sex fantasies and sex before marriage discussions on the show. Courtney Robertson, a season 16 celebrity who caught the media’s attention after having sex with Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor, rang up The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous podcast and shared her two cents on the recent happenings of the show.

It seems that Courtney Robertson’s views came to Hannah Brown’s rescue as Courtney had faced backlash herself after having sex with Flajnik. She wrote a book about it which delved into how intimate the two had gotten before any of their physical encounters occurred, but before then and continuing on even after the publishing, Robertson was slut shamed for her actions and that may have been why she came forward to defend Hannah.

She said:

Everybody has their own belief system. It’s better not to judge and [to] just watch with an open mind. I like people who are open minded. I tend to be a free-spirit and kind of put it all out there. It’s just not for everybody. Not everybody is going to like your choices or how you live your life, but you just gotta do it. Just put it out there. I mean, it’s a television show and sex is involved with multiple people. It makes for good entertainment. You can’t deny that.”

As she discussed with Ben Higgins, the host, that it was unclear what Hannah Brown’s stance was on her own actions: whether she was full of regret or proud of her actions, Robertson explained that:

It’s hard to put that stuff out there and talk about it. It is very taboo and maybe there’s a little, like, she’s trying to save a little face because she’s getting so much backlash. But that’s part of this process. It’s probably 50/50. I don’t know.”

Besides this seeming defense of Hannah’s actions, Robertson did say a few other things that peaked everyone’s attention. She believed that Jed Wyatt who went on a date with Hannah before Hannah and Luke went out was the one to blame for sowing a bad seed in Hannah’s mind. She also found that Hannah’s reaction was a little hyper and that Hannah appeared to be “fishing” for something before she eliminated Luke Parker, also adding that Robertson was hoping Luke Parker would emerge the winner this season. She added on the topic of Luke Parker that:

I can’t help but feel a little bit bad for him. He seems a little bit naive to the whole experience….I’ll be interested to see what happens with the ‘Men Tell All’ and see if, you know, he apologizes or how he reacts.”

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