Healthy hair has been associated with attractiveness and beauty for a long time. However, if not taken care of, your hair can lose their natural glow.

Here are some tips for making your hair look healthier

Massaging your scalp

Massaging the scalp helps in improving the blood circulation. The increased blood flow to the roots results in better health of growing hair. It also helps with evenly spreading the oil and retaining the moisture.

Hair oils are packed with essential vitamins, necessary for a healthy scalp, and can act as natural conditioners. Massaging with oils, especially coconut oil can gradually increase the volume and improve the overall look of your hair.


Regular conditioning

Along with using a mild shampoo, regular conditioning is important for healthy hair. The conditioner makes your hair soft and shiny, giving an improved look.

It also keeps the hair free from knots that might lead to hair fall or breakage. Bye bye frizzy hair!


Don’t wash your hair everyday

Washing hair regularly with chemical packed shampoos can ruin the overall appearance of your hair – leading to split ends and discoloration. It also makes the hair lose its moisture, leading to a dry and itchy scalp.

Try using a mild or organic shampoo, with as few artificial additives as possible.


Avoid Hair color

Hair colors usually contain Ammonia, which is a bleaching agent and can not only decolorize your hair, but also damage the scalp. Hair colors take away the moisture, leaving behind an itchy scalp. Use of mild or natural hair colors can be a possible solution to the problem.


Balanced diet

One of the most important aspect of having healthy hair is a balanced diet. An imbalance in your dietary intake can lead to weaker and thinner hair. The food you consume should contain vital minerals and vitamins required by the body and in turn, your scalp.

Green vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs and fish are good sources of proteins and can help in hair growth. Foods rich in antioxidants are also effective due to their ability of boosting metabolism and increasing blood circulation.



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