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Jennifer Aniston, the famous Hollywood star has recently revealed a shocking truth about her role in “Friends”. “Friends” was the biggest break of her career but not many people know that she was asked to drop 30lbs “if she wanted to stay in Hollywood”.

This information comes form a new biographic book of the show. This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most popular US sitcoms, Friends. The author Saul Austerlitz reveals this shocking information on how difficult it was for Jennifer to stay in Hollywood. She was told multiple times that she is “too fat” for Hollywood projects. And if she wants to continue the work here, she better loses weight.

This book is called Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era.

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The book says that Jennifer has to lose weight as her agent was suggesting to her. However many people believe that Jennifer wasn’t fat at all and she was amazingly beautiful. But the popular explanation “camera adds ten pounds” worked here as well.

The actress who is now 50-years old shares that she was often a target of criticism in her career. In an interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine. In 1996, Jennifer disclosed that she avoids certain foods to prevent weight gain. But she finds mayonnaise sandwiches on white bread one of the most delicious foods.

She shared, my agent straight away asked me to lose weight. I wasn’t getting work because I was “too fat” for it. Despite all these harsh things, Jennifer is thankful to her agent who made her change her eating habits. Other than landing into “Friends” and other amazing projects, this weight loss struggle made her follow a healthy lifestyle.

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After she dropped all this weight, she was hired for playing Rachel in Friends in 1994. Jennifer is now on her way back to media with The Morning Show.



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