Chris Pratt recently took to Instagram, a picture of her wife’s ‘’slightly’’ over done bagels, and internet is going crazy over how cute it is.

Pratt and his better half tied the knot in June 2019, in a lavish ceremony – held in San Ysidro Ranch, Montecito, Calif. The ‘’Guardians of the Galaxy’’ star was previously married to Anna Faris, with whom he shared a son, Jack Pratt.


The ceremony was a very intimate affair with a few close friends and the bride and groom’s families. According to a source, the couple didn’t want their wedding to be a ‘’circus’’. They wanted to focus solely on their commitment to each other.

The lovebirds were first seen together in June 2018 during a picnic in Santa /Barbara, California. However, according to reports, the two had been dating for some time then. A few weeks after the picnic, pictures of the two kissing surfaced the internet, clearing any suspicions about their relationship status.

The Parks and Recreation star made their relationship official on Schwarznegger’s 29th birthday when he posted an adorable tribute to his one and only. He posted a collage of Katherine’s pictures, saying, “Happy Birthday Chief! Your smile lights up the room. I’ve cherished our time together. Thrilled God put you in my life. Thankful for the laughs, kisses, talks, hikes, love and care”.


Later, in January 2019, Pratt popped the question to which the writer said YES! According to several reports, Chris took the traditional route and asked Katherine’s parents for their blessing before asking her. Maria Shriver, Katherine’s mother, even helped him with the proposal.

He announced the engagement in an Instagram post on 13 January, saying, “Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes! I’m thrilled to be marrying you. Proud to live boldly in faith with you. Here we go! 💍🙏♥️”


Since the wedding, the couple has been quite active on social media, sharing adorable details of their perfect life. From posting pictures of naked, sun burned Pratt from their honeymoon, to their family photos of 4th July celebrations, the couple seems to be having a lot of fun together.

The 40-year-old actor recently posted a picture of a burnt bagel bite on Instagram, commending his wife for her efforts to cook. He wrote, “”Proud of my darling for trying to cook tonight. Did it go well? No. No it did not. Not at all. To quote Rocky Balboa, ‘It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up… and keep moving forward.’ As you can tell from the lump of coal in the center of the plate, this bagel bite never stood a chance. I honestly simply cannot imagine what went wrong here. Pretty simple. Microwave. 2 minutes. Maybe she thought it said 2 hours. But I want to commend her for her effort. This is a big step babe. Proud of you.”


Katherine replied to the caption saying, “Looks like my plan to just have you do the cooking is working out very well”. CUTE!

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