Whenever we think about “natural beauty”, we consider it without makeup. But it is also possible to create a no-makeup fresh and flawless look even with makeup. Just look at Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram posts on “no makeup” makeup look. It shows that using the right techniques and cosmetics, you can create it.

To create the top model ‘s no-makeup look, try these five hacks.

Tip-1 Prepare the skin

If you notice the big brand’s make up tutorials, they always prepare the skin before putting on the makeup. It starts with cleansing and exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt. Next, use a moisturizing cream. Serum or oils to avoid flakey, dehydrated skin. This skin preparation will give you a luminous glow that would enhance the look of your makeup.

Tip-2 Contoure before the foundation

The secret to getting a no makeup, makeup look is to apply the contouring before using the foundation. Apply the correct shade as per your skin so it can easily blend with the skin. Spot the parts which need to be highlighted and which need to be covered in shadows.

A tip from experts is to use some type of cosmetics for contouring. You may use creamy bases -light and dark, different shades of powder or anything that is easy for you. This means these products will combine better and give a more natural look.


Tip-3 Add a natural touch to Eyebrows

Do not ignore eyebrows considering the no-makeup look doesn’t include them. Eyebrows are as important as anything else. Even in a no-makeup look, brow touching is necessary so that they create the frame your eyes. Here for a natural look, do not use any heavy, highly-defined strokes on brows. The best is to use a texture with a little gel and only fill the necessary spaces in brows. Use a fine pencil if you need more depth.

If you don’t want darker brows, choose transparent gels after combing the eyebrows up and create a natural-looking shape. Also, you can use a shade of natural brown instead of dark shade to give eyebrows a natural finish. 

Tip4- Discrete lips to complete the look

The trick here is to use a lipstick that is very close to a natural lip shade. It would give a softer image and perfectly complete the no make up look. There is not one shade that works well on all. So, what you can do is to try different shades and select the one that matches to your own lip color.

The perfect nude shade is the one that blends with the lips without highlighting them as something that doesn’t look natural.

Tip-5 Monochrome finish

Lastly, follow the monochrome makeup. It means to use the same shades to eyes, cheeks, and lips. This one shade for all look goes best with shades like nude, or in combination with other neutral or soft colors like pink or peach. Try adding a soft color here to your makeup to get a fresh look.


Follow these tips and share how they have helped you to create a no-makeup look. Get ready to flaunt your natural beauty with the basic minimal makeup skills.


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