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Will powered, a nutrition consulting organization, recently launched their latest campaign to promote a healthy weight loss and muscle gain routine.

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The new interactive platform was announced by the company on 1st October and enables the participants to learn and engage at their own respective paces. It allows the users to receive guidance and yips from professionals, such as Mental Performance Specialists, Integrated Health Practitioners, Intuitive Eating Specialists and Movement and Mobility specialists.

The main idea behind the initiative is to educate and train people on how to reduce inflammation and manage excessive weight gain through their eating behaviors. The platform provides guidelines depending on everyone’s individual needs and health conditions and offers more of a ‘one-to-one’ interaction.

According to Armijo, founder of Will Powered, “Weight loss is simply a byproduct of the work we do. You’ll never have to diet again, and you’ll never have to buy another program or supplement. Your external appearance is a direct result of your internal health”.

The platform is accessible everywhere and offers online sessions with professional coaches that cater to the user’s needs perfectly. Furthermore, the initiative has graduates from the program itself, who act as Accountability Coaches to help the participants work through their individual experience.

Armijo says, “The challenge we had to overcome was to create a digital platform that doesn’t dehumanize the participants’ experience. It’s always been about the user experience for us. Every time we focus on our own internal initiatives, we ask ourselves: does this increase the overall customer experience? We believe we’ve built an all-inclusive interactive platform; but more importantly our platform provides results”.

Will Powered, launched by Will Armijo in 2015, is a consultancy organization dedicated towards helping people in their weight loss journey. They provide customized diet and health plans to build more muscle and reduce body fat percentage. The practice has now evolved to interactive online community with thousands of participants.

According to the website, “With more than 15 years’ experience, and having already helped hundreds of people transform their lives with his proven systems, our founder Will knows what you’re going through. He’s been in your shoes, looking to turn things around, which is why he’s here today. Together with coaches Briana, Lauren and Lisa, the Will Powered team is ready to turn your life around too.”

Additionally, the agency offers a risk-free 30-day challenge that purveys a complete package to reduce weight and get immediate results.

The program features:

  • 7 coaches
  • Customized macros
  • Weekly customized macro changes
  • Weekly Facebook LIVES
  • Weekly workout and cardio routines
  • Private online community membership

You can sign up for the challenge on ‘Will Powered’ website for $199. The latest session is set to commence on 4th November 2019.

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