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Book of Merit”, a one-woman comedy show starring keynote speaker and a stand-up comedian, Merit Kahn, is set to premiere on November 22 at The Bug Theater, located in Denver.

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Merit Kahn is one of the most successful, all-rounder, women out there. She is the founder of Merit-based Business and the author of “Myth Shift: Challenging the truths that sabotage success”, along with being the initiator of “The Merit Method: Sales Mastery for Life” program.

Kahn has more than 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, coaching, training, consulting, writing and public speaking, and has worked with clients across different industries. With the goal of ‘growing sales and influence’, the comedian has managed to rise to a noticeable position in the corporate world.

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Book of Merit” was initially set to celebrate the 50th birthday of the actress and writer, Merit Kahn, however, soon evolved into a one-woman show, featuring an opening dance, set, props and costumes.

Kahn always dreamt of becoming a star and having her show on Broadway and even though she didn’t get a grand theatrical performance, the 50 year old did manage to make her way to fame. Through the twists and turns of life, she managed to weave humor into her dark times in a way that inspired the audience to find happiness and laughter in their own troubled memoirs. By diverting her negative thoughts into something positive, she not only motivated millions of people but also became one of the best female comedians of all times.

According to Kahn, “Writing a comedy show while dealing with divorce court, running a business and raising a teenager was not easy, but it turned out to be a gift. It gave me an opportunity to remember people, experiences and accomplishments throughout my life. It reminded me of what I’ve already overcome and that there really isn’t anything I can’t handle. It forced me to laugh at what was troubling and to rewrite painful memories with a pen that only writes humor.

The show is scheduled to premiere on 22nd November at The Bug Theatre in Denver, and the tickets have already been sold out!


About “Book of Merit”

Writer and Producer: Merit Kahn
Starring: Merit Kahn
Associate Writer: KarynRuth White
Director: Robert Kahn
Choreographer: Cynthia Stadd
Principal Dancers: Cynthis Stadd and Adjei Abankwah

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