It’s a well-established fact that an excess of sugar can lead to severe health issues such as diabetes and obesity. Unfortunately, most of the foods that people eat nowadays have tons of sugar. Fizzy drinks are highly common and they contain the highest amount of sugar. There is plenty of research out there that shows the adverse effects of sugar. However, this post is not about that.

If you want to eliminate the excess sugar from your life but you don’t know how because of your inability to do so, then this will help. Like weight loss or any other long-term goal, removing or reducing sugar cravings takes time. All it takes is a few changes to your daily habits and you’ll feel much better about yourself in no time. Here’s how you can eliminate sugar cravings:

Start with baby steps

Desserts, not snacks

If you start to avoid sugar altogether from the start, then you won’t find much success. You might adhere to your new lifestyle for a few days, but you’ll eventually come right back. All it takes is a small taste of some sugary food to win you over again. That’s the problem with sugar, if you eat a little bit, it leaves you wanting more which results in a huge binge.

In order to avoid this, start slow. Don’t completely eliminate sugar from your diet (you shouldn’t anyway). Start with limiting the sugary snacks to after your meals instead of replacing your meals with the snacks. When you eat sugary foods with no other nutrients, your body starts craving more sugar which results in binge eating.

In order to avoid this, eat a well-balanced meal before your snack. Not only will you feel full, but you’ll also be less likely to eat a lot of sugar. Due to the nutritious┬ámeal beforehand, you’ll feel satisfied even with a little bit of sugar. It’s a great way to start because it fulfills your sweet tooth and limits your sugar intake at the same time.

Portion sizes

We’re still at baby steps, we’re not ready to go to the next step yet. After starting with limiting your sugary foods to after a proper meal, it’s time to control those portions. Yes, naturally you’ll eat less sugar anyways with a post-meal snack, but it can still go out of hand. Therefore, checking portion sizes is crucial.

What one should do is keep small portions of a snack and eat only one portion per day. This is achieved by storing the rest of the portion away somewhere inconvenient, for example, the freezer. Store it where it’ll be hard to go for second helpings. This way, you’ll not only limit the number of times you eat your snack but the overall amount as well.

Switch to natural sources of sugar

When it comes to the composition of sugar, it’s still the same. Whether you get an excess from fruits or other sources, the effects will still be the same. However, getting sugar from naturally occurring sources such as fruits will automatically help in reducing your intake.

That is because fruits are high in nutrients such as vitamins and fiber. The latter helps to keep you full for longer, so you automatically eat less of the bad stuff due to eating fruits. Fruits also slow down the flow of sugar into the bloodstream and they also moderate the release of dopamine to the brain.

Therefore, fruits are much better than foods and drinks with added sugar. There are other naturally occurring sources as well which are just as good. If fruits aren’t your forte, then go for honey or some plain yogurt. A handful of nuts such as walnuts or almonds are also useful since they’re a source of healthy fats as well. Once you start from the baby steps and finally make the switch, you won’t be able to go back and thus, will be at a much healthier position than you once were.

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