Genteel LLC recently announced its painless vacuum lancing device for diabetes patients. The patented model will substitute for the painful blood tests and provide a user-friendly, equally accurate way of determining blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic illness with no cure yet. There’s an estimated of 415 million people suffering from diabetes across the globe and an additional 46% that are undiagnosed. The numbers have been increasing drastically and are expected to reach 642 million by 2040.

Without constant supervision, diabetes may lead to irreversible health issues, including chronic kidney disease, lower limb amputations, heart attack, blindness and even death.

Traditionally, a lancet is used to prick the patient’s finger to get a drop of blood – typically leaving the subject in pain. The blood drop is then placed on a gluco-meter and used to measure the blood sugar levels. Due to the need of regular administration of the sugar levels, people are left with sore fingers which affect their day to day life.

While the most common area for blood extraction has been fingertips only, Genteel provides alternative options as the source of the blood drop.  It is the only stand-alone lancer cleared by the FDA to perform ample blood draw from both fingers and other sites. The technology is a massive improvement compared to the regular lancers that leave the fingers numb, sore and calloused.

The key to a healthier way of testing the sugar levels is by drawing blood directly from the capillary, and Genteel works on the same principle. It uses its patented 3-step process to get the perfect drop for testing.

  1. Place Genteel on the skin and push the button
  2. Keep the finger on the button for about 4-10 seconds to use the vacuum
  3. Release the button and lift the device to reveal the blood drop

It can be used on alternative testing sites- palms, arms – to give your fingers a chance to heal, hence their catchphrase – “Genteel saves fingers”. The vacuum pulls the blood to the surface without the need to squeeze after the prick.

About the Parts



  1. Contact Tips: They control the depth of the lancet penetration. There are 6 different depths – blue being the shallowest and violet, the deepest.
  2. Nozzles: Nozzles hold the contact tips in position and provide a view of the blood drop being formed.
  3. Lancet Holder
  4. Activation Button: When pushed and covered with your fingers, the activation button engages the vacuum. The longer your press it, the more blood it draws.
  5. Vacuum Tube: The main purpose of a vacuum tube is to pull up blood from the shallow lancet puncture.
  6. Plunger: It’s a combination of the Push Shaft, Push Cap and red vacuum indicator, and is used to prime and indicate in the vacuum in active.

Pain elimination is vital to increase adherence, ultimately improving health, lower A1C and reduce health care cost. The company is now on the second round of in-depth clinical studies to further verify the health benefit claims and work towards providing their consumer pool with good and efficient products.

The device is available for purchase for $49.99 with a 120 day money back guarantee. It comes in 7 different colors and 2 models – Genteel and Genteel plus. The plus model is slightly more expensive and is available for $99.

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