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American Medical Technologies (AMT) in partnership with TillaCare recently introduced UriCap, an innovative external urine collection device for long term patients.


UriCap is a non-invasive, leak free, external urine collecting device specifically designed for female urinary incontinence (UI) – involuntary leakage of urine.

UI affects an estimated of 50% of nursing home residents all over USA. Traditionally managed through indwelling catheters, the procedure resulted in numerous incidents of CAUTI – catheter associated urinary tract infections, leading to a high rate of infections and hospital re-admissions.

UriCap not only prevents contact between the skin and urine but also helps monitor urine’s quality and quantity. The device functions by keeping the patient dry and also conceals the odor.


Moreover, one UriCap can last for 24 hours, drastically reducing the costs associated with staff time, incontinence products, labor, laundry and waste removal.

According to Misty Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Clinical Programs for AMT, “Traditionally facilities use adult briefs, bed pads, and indwelling catheters to address the challenges of female UI. However, adult briefs are prone to leakage, can cause skin irritation, and are labor intensive. Because of the high incidence of catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) and the resulting high rate of infection and hospital readmission, regulatory changes have mandated less frequent use of indwelling catheters for managing UI. In comparison, as an external urine collection device, UriCap provides a completely innovative and cost-effective solution.

AMT and TillaCare signed a distribution agreement for UriCap’s supply to the long-term market across the country earlier this year.


About AMT

AMT is a leading senior care company founded in 1994. It provides all-inclusive wound care, ostomy – change in the way stool or urine exits the body as a result of a surgical procedure, urological and tracheostomy – a medical procedure that involves making an opening in the neck in order to place a breathing tube,  facilities along with specialized laboratory services to health care providers, specifically in long term care and post-acute environments.

The billion dollar company serves around 6250 facilities all over USA to enable the delivery of high quality patient care. It is also a credited supplier of Durable Medical Equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) and a participating Medicare Part B provider.


About TillaCare

TillaCare was founded in 2013 by Swedish and Israeli experts in medicine and technology. The mission of the company is to provide cutting edge urine collection devices for incontinent men and women that not only reduce health risks but are also cost effective and comfortable to use.

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