Holidays mean a lot of family gatherings and people coming over along with lots of merriment and cheer.

With the upcoming guests, here are 5 ways you can prepare your guestroom to make them feel at home:


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The first step in creating a get-away retreat for your guests is giving your guest room a thorough cleaning. Rearrange your clutter and other things you might have lying around – that you initially put there to ‘organize later’.

If your guests have a toddler, baby proof the room. Remove all sharp objects or glass decoration pieces that can pose a threat of injury. Remember, you’re organizing the room for the comfort of your guests, even if it means removing a few things you really like.

For a painless approach, start at least 15 days before the arrival of your lodgers. Take 15 minutes out of your daily routine to work on your guest room. Free up any cupboards and outlets for their luggage and electric devices.


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A good night’s sleep is the key to making your visitors feel comfortable and at home. Give the mattress a good inspection. If it’s really old and has bumps, it’s time to replace it. Ensure the pillows are soft and clean and there are no insects or bed bugs.

Extra Amenities


Along with the furniture and décor, a gracious guestroom also caters to the needs of the guests. Think about the necessities provided in a hotel room and dry to offer your guests the same experience. A reading lamp by the bed, hangers in the closet, toiletries, fresh sheets, towels and extension cords can make their visit easy and comfortable.

Adding a few extra items can make your guests enjoy their visit more, allowing them to spend their time comfortably without feeling awkward asking you for stuff every time.



Since your guests might have a different schedule than you, try to cater to their needs as much as possible. Provide activities they can engage with while you’re away. Ensure the early risers and the night owls have something to do while the others are asleep – a book perhaps?

Reading light, a frame with the wi-fi password, television and snacks can be one way to accommodate them in your absence.

Thoughtful touches


Adding some thoughtful, yet affordable, touches to the room might make it feel more homely. Consider a small vase of fresh flowers, a scented candle, magazines or some subtle holiday decorations. If you want to go a step ahead, provide your guests with a little gift basket of snacks along with a handwritten welcome note.


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