Mosquitos can be the cause of a lot of inconveniences. They can be found almost anywhere, especially in the U.S. Mosquito bites are dangerous because not only do they leave the spot red or itchy for a long period of time but they’re also responsible for diseases such as dengue fever.

Mosquito bites are becoming a bigger problem as time goes by. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that diseases transmitted by mosquitos through their bites have gone up significantly since 2004. The report suggests that the number of diseases has tripled in the period between 2004 and 2016. Therefore, one should not take a mosquito bite lightly and should take measures to protect themselves from one.

If you feel an itch after a mosquito bite, don’t just shrug it off. Apart from being annoying, that itch can cause a lot of redness in the affected area. Here’s what you need to know about the mosquito bite and how to avoid them:

Image: Terminix

Image: Terminix

Serious complications linked to mosquito bites

What was mentioned above was just an overview. There are some major complications that can arise from a mosquito bite which not many people are aware of. If enough awareness is created, then people will automatically start taking measures to avoid bites.

Infections such as dengue virus and Zika are common consequences of mosquito bites. However, not all bites are dangerous as some bites contain these infections and some don’t. Still, we don’t know if we’re on the lucky or unlucky end of a bite and we should try to avoid them at all costs. Moreover, these infections don’t have any outright symptoms.

For example, dengue fever starts out like any other fever. However, normal measures taken to get rid or cure the fever don’t work. During dengue, blood platelet levels begin to dip significantly which further diminishes our body’s immune system’s ability to fight diseases. Sometimes a fever is persistent, so we can’t really associate persistent fevers with dengue fevers either. Therefore, it’s hard to tell whether a mosquito bite is responsible for a health issue, even if it actually is.

Image: First Cry Parenting

Image: First Cry Parenting

Of course, if it is the case that a mosquito bite is responsible for a disease, then the issue is much more serious than normal. Therefore, it’s recommended that you visit a doctor as soon as you start noticing flu or fever symptoms, especially within a week of a mosquito bite. Perhaps get a blood test as well if the fever is a strong one to check the platelet count.

Another common infection that comes as a result of a bite is a bacterial infection. This infection is caused by scratching the affected bite area with dirty fingernails. Since children are more likely to have dirty fingernails and have more sensitive skin, this type of infection would most likely affect children. How to detect it? If you or your child has been bitten by a mosquito, then closely monitor the affected area for a few days. If the bite’s swelling or redness does not get better within two days, then it’s time to go see a doctor.

How to avoid mosquito bites

Mosquitos are attracted to wet areas or humid weather. When humidity peaks, you’ll often find mosquitos flying around. Moreover, the ones carrying infections are mostly found during dusk and dawn. Therefore, try to avoid going out or getting bitten during these times. How to avoid? there are a few ways.

Mosquitos are actually fragile insects. They’re attracted to wet areas because their bodies dry out fast. There should be no stagnant water or any place near you that has water where it shouldn’t be. Every morning and night, you should spray your room and house with a mosquito spray repellant. If you’re afraid that you’ll get bitten during the night when you sleep, there’s a workaround to that as well.

The first workaround is simple. Due to their fragility, Mosquitos aren’t good fliers. That means that in strong windy conditions, they’re highly ineffective. You can turn on your fan for such an effect. Try to avoid wearing shorts, half-sleeve or sleeveless shirts during the times when mosquito bites are the most dangerous. Moreover, if you’ve worked out or have come back from a run, try to clean up as soon as possible. Mosquitos are also attracted to sweat and carbon dioxide, both of which can be found in abundance in people fresh out of a workout.

Applying Mospel (a mosquito repellant) is also a great method to keep mosquitos off of you. Mospel is easy to find and is quite bearable once applied. Another good method apart from spraying is to use a mosquito repellant coil. Although it gives off a strong scent, it’s highly effective in keeping the annoying insect away.

Follow these precautions and you won’t even need to deal with a mosquito bite. As someone who’s dealt with dengue fever, it’s certainly not a pleasant experience, so be wary of mosquito bites. If a mosquito does end up biting you, take immediate action and show a doctor before the situation goes out of hand.


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